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Thread: My big toes and VFF's

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    Been running in my VFF's as of late and am loving it. My calves are trashed right now from doing intervals and hills.

    I'm noticing that the callouses on my big toes are starting to peel though. Anyone else notice this? I figured I better take a day or so off to give them a chance to recover, as well as my calves.

    I had forgotten how much the moo-moo's get a workout when running this way. I used to run like this all the time when I first joined the military 21 years ago; I ran in wrestling shoes.

    Anyway, I can't recommend the VFF's enough for lifting and running. I've already converted two of my buddies.


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    The callouses on the sides of my big toes have been kind of coming off as well, I just noticed last night actually. I have fat big toes though (small other toes), they stretch out the toe pocket I've been wearing mine almost exlusively for 2 months now, I love them.

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    Take an epsom soak, take a file and gently grind 'em down. Need to prevent callouses from getting too big, as they can and probably WILL tear eventually...

    If you do barbell training, beware the calluses on your palms.

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