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Thread: Drs. Eades' 6 Week Cure for the Middle Aged Middle

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    Page 81, hunky guy there, our Primal Leader, Mark Sisson shows off the results of a simple abdominal/core exercise. Termed the "Laplace in Place" it is indeed a killer, I do them sorta Tabata style while walking my dog to the coffee shop.

    AND, I must say, the title of this new book is a bit sensational, but it is full of some great bio-chem and physiological/metabolic science. Very concise talk about insulin, cortisol, melatonin, sex hormone balance, hepatic function. The tricks and clear consequence of proper dietary choices.

    I am glad to have bought it if only to have a bit more knowledge and a few tricks to offer friends and family (of any age) to get some results in weight loss. And there are certainly plenty of new (to me) angles on the function and how to avoid damage to the liver, man, that liver is a hell of an organ. I think I'll treat mine to a hepa-toxin free week (cough cough.... coffeeeee.....)!

    A lot of my favorite authors all circle around this intertwining body of knowledge vis a vie all things Primal/Paleo lifestyle and nutrition, love it. Eades, Taubes, Sisson, Yudkin, Gedgaudas, Weston Price, love it!

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    I'm still waiting for the book.

    The first 2 weeks is supposed to give your liver a bit of a detox. So just doing the 2 weeks would be very beneficial just for that.

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    Jimmy Moore of Livin La Vida Low Carb is doing it with his wife, he made mention of this DAG oil, which I wondered about.........I looked it up and its some modified vegetable oil, it looks toxic and like it has an effect similar to olestra. why not just use coconut oil instead?

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    I picked the book up for the extra info, and to support Dr. Eades. I am enjoying the read and was inspired by another book, Before the Dawn by Nicholas Wade, to make a post to Dr. Eades's blog recently.

    I took a peek at some of the recipes and food lists. Looks very good.

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    Yah, certainly the DAG oil is NOT a Primal/Paleo food! There are loads of tricks, some funny-foods and supplements that would raise a Primal/Paleo purists brow. BUT it is a valid strategy and backed by powerful research (if you've followed Michael Eades' blog for any length of time, you know!).

    I have read the book and will be adapting my own 6 Week Cure as Primal/Paleo applies, so no DAG oil! And Eades himself points out that is optional fully, but a trick to speed things along.

    Low carb (Eades, Atkins, etc) is not Primal/Paleo, but it is far better than Standard American Diets! Worth a read if you ever get a chance, don't let the sensational title scare you off, you'll learn some liver function and healing at the very least.

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    Regards to ditching the DAG oil (which I agree, it is a franken oil), Dr Eades says this:

    "...the DAG is probably the least important and can easily be eliminated."

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    Who is Yudkin?

    I have also read the book (pre-ordered it a while ago on Amazon because Eades is my favorite author/doctor) and it has good information with regard to hormones, etc. The iodine supplementation is interesting... I might have to try that because I have a weird thyroid.

    Yea the DAG oil is crap, and really the protein shakes are too, but I guess they are okay if used temporarily... and they seem to be beneficial for transitionals and clear out the liver etc. Dr. Eades usually doesn't promote things that aren't supported by good evidence.

    By the way, I am 18 and my roommate's friend saw the book on my desk and was like, "What on earth are you reading that for?"

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    Copies of "Sweet and Dangerous" are selling for over a hundred dollars on Amazon. "Pure, White and Deadly" is also out of print. Hoping someone will scan those in like FAT OF THE LAND!

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    What does DAG stand for?

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    Enova being a franken-oil, and not a big fan of protein shakes/processed stuff, I am hesitant to follow the 6 Week Cure as prescribed in Eades' book. But the hepatic recovery and the science behind what this diet does is solid. Glad to have read the book.

    I am more interested in formulating a Primal/Paleo version that gets the same metabolic effect. I'd rather dish up a proper meat meal than a protein shake any time! But follow the same 6 Week protocol, keeping it real foods based.

    I scored my copy of Sweet and Dangerous for 25c at a used book store! Coolio. Had Yudkin's sugar-hypothesis been promoted by the McGovern Commission, the world would be a different place today. Too bad Ancel Keys "won".

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