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Thread: Really off topic, but you primals are so smart I have to ask

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    SS, you always have spot on advice!

    When PJAP started this thread, I got a huge grin. Just seeing how people help people, become a community. Nothing Primal here, just being friends.

    The only thing I can add, which is really reenforcement, keep thinking from their side of the equation. Heck, maybe a PP isn't even the best thing, bring in a circus caliope, I dunno. It's a tough row to hoe, you need to stand out without being "weird."

    Best of luck, w.

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    Without knowing what your presentation's going to look like, it's kinda hard to give any decent feedback,... Not sure how much time you have to prep,...but if you're interested, this guy "Guy Kawasaki" is an awesome speaker and presents really well... I read his blogs and he has some good insider points on presentations and other stuff business related... it's more on the tech side cuz he's a venture capitalist that funds tech start this is kinda off topic to your request as well... but maybe it could provide some useful insights?

    Perhaps it can give you some ideas...

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    Lots of good advice above. My $0.02, having hired a lot of people:

    * make sure you know what they really want, and that's often buried between the bullets of the job description. What's the problem they're trying to solve by hiring a person for this role? What's their culture like? How would this role make them look great and advance their goals?

    * help them understand not just your experience (past) but what you'll do for them (future.) Treat the presentation as if it was a special event you were planning for them. Give them a taste of your style, your panache, and your ideas.

    * definitely look at the Guy Kawasaki presentation info. You may not end up using all his suggestions, but he will definitely change your thinking about how to get your point across.

    * be yourself. as interesting as the job may seem, you'll be more successful at it if you respect and enjoy your coworkers (and they you.)

    Hope it helps.

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