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Thread: How to Get to PrimalCon

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    How to Get to PrimalCon

    If you have been or are coming to PrimalCon please list your method of transportation, cost, contacts and reviews for other attendees. Flying to LAX, Burbank, Santa Barbara? Flight deals? Renting a car, taking Amtrak or carpooling a shuttle vehicle from the airport to Oxnard? Rates? Experiences? Many thanks in advance to anyone that takes the time to share their thoughts on this topic. It will be very useful to all first timers. Grok on!

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    I'm flying into Santa Barbara from Denver and then taking Amtrak to Oxnard. The flight was $276 which was more than flying into LAX, but the convenience factor trumped the cost. It is $23.50 round trip from Santa Barbara to Oxnard on Amtrak and takes just under an hour. From LA trains leave from Union Station which is downtown. There is a $7 each way bus from LAX to Union Station. It is about 90 minutes by train from LA to Oxnard.

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    How are you getting from the station in Oxnard to the hotel? Im guessing taxi is the best way. We are in the same boat, but weren't sure about actually getting to the hotel.

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