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    Nutrition Information for Grass-fed Steaks?

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    Hey All!

    I'm currently logging my entire diet ( or at least most of it ) at It's been very beneficial as I've learned I need to nearly double my protein intake to continue gaining muscle. I have a whole bunch of frozen grass fed steaks ( rib-eyes, tenderloins, sirloins) I ordered but they didn't not supply nutrition information for them. Does anyone know where I can find this information or can you give me some ballpark estimates for grass fed steaks? ( especially protein and fat info)



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    Brand/ounces would help, but a ballpark for 6 ounces of sirloin would be: 200 cal/6 gr. fat/30 gr. protein...the rib-eyes will have more fat.
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    You might just have to ballpark it - those ratios will change every single time, grass-fed or not, depending on each individual animal.
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