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Thread: Eating "pet food"??

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    Eating "pet food"??

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    ....quality grass-fed pet food from slankers. I just noticed slankers sells "pet food" at really good prices, and from what I gather it is just ground beef with bits of organ meats. They also sell grass-fed liver for pets for only $2.78 a pound. They also have a variety of bones that I am guessing would be great for making stews. Do you guys think most of this stuff is safe for human consumption, or should I opt for "human food?" There prices are great, and if I could I eat this, it would save me a lot of money.

    Here is the link:

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    I've ate the pet food and its pretty good. Made burgers from it, shephards pie, meatloaf, meatballs, etc. Seems "fattier" than reg. ground meat and the taste is a little different. So far I'm fine and I've eaten about 20# of it...

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    Nice. That's good to know. The prices are great, and I find it weird that they sell organ meats and fattier cuts of meat as pet food. Hoping there isn't any sanitation differences.

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    just be wary that some meats sold for pet consumption are de-natured with charcoal to prevent human consumption. It should be clearly labeled if it place local that sells meat for pet food doesn't "promote" it as being de-natured on their site, but it's stamped on the box. They used to have a problem at race tracks with trainers taking (4D) meat home to their families instead of feeding it to the racers...charcoal took care of that.

    Most meat sold for pet consumption is sold that way for a can be 4D meat or otherwise doesn't meet the USDA/gov't standard for being fit for humans.
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    Please be careful with this. I posted ages ago on here about prion-bourne illnesses such as BSE and vCJD. They are not bacteria, or viruses, and cannot be destroyed by cooking.

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    Ok now I am beginning to get scared of trying this hahahh. I guess I'll pass then, because I don't want to risk anything. Does anyone know if slankers sells organ meats for human consumption. I looked around there website but couldn't find anything.

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    About halfway down the page under "Organ Meats and Fat". Looks like the liver is the same price as for pets!

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    Thanks a lot!! I dont know how I missed it.

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    I saw on "dirty jobs" how canned pet foods are made. Tripe is usually added to the meat including the contents of the intestines. This gives cats and dogs fiber. It's not something I'd care to eat.

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    i feed my kitties a higher-quality food, having owned a diabetic cat and not wanting to go through it again. Some of it looks pretty darn good, lol. but yeah, eating it? no.

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