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Thread: Excess Aggresion since PB

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    Excess Aggresion since PB

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    As a middle aged man eating mostly primal for the past 6 months or so, I have noticed that I tend to have more aggressive thoughts and feel like I am at the brink of physical altercations more. This is odd because I think the last time I was in a fight was sometime between Kindergarten and first grade.

    Now sometimes I probably had these thoughts before, especially in certain stressful situations like riding on a crowded subway, being at a busy shopping mall and having people texting nearly walk into and spill something on you, driving on a crowded road, etc. And it could just be that before starting primal I fortuitously was not in the type of situation that triggers an aggressive response. What seems to have changed though is how I have to fight back the urge to not step over the line from feeling angry to doing something about it--like wanting to beat the S*** out of someone.

    Has anybody else, particularly men, noticed this. If so, what have you done about it. Has anybody taken up a sport like karate or krav maga or some other martial art to mollify or redirect these aggressive tendencies?

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    I'm not a man, so I can only speak theoretically. However, I believe that one of the premises of Primal living is that it makes the hormone balance better. If you've not have any "anger" urges since Kindergarten, that makes me wonder if you've also had an imbalance of testosterone all this time? I'm just saying that my personal observation is that men with low-testosterone tend to be conflict-avoiders; they self-report that they rarely "feel" angry. Teen-age boys who get "normal" amounts of testosterone often want to fight everything that twitches, until they learn how to control those urges.

    So maybe what is happening here is that Primal living has finally gotten your body's testosterone into a balance/level that you are feeling those urges for the first time in your life?

    btw -- I think that's a good thing. And yes, my suggestion would be to channel it.

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    Mmmm increased testosterone... ... talk about goodness!...

    embrace your dark side Luke... er Jeff...

    haha in all seriousness increase 'aggressiveness' is normal (or so I would say) just don't go attacking people... ... revel in your new found 'beastly' mentality and find a good outlet... using that aggression can take a workout to the next level or motivate you in something like Krav Maga... if you are seriously close to attacking people I would suggest NOT a martial art though... no need to get better at hurting if you are already close :-P...

    go for a run, jerk off, lift something heavy, eat steak...rinse repeat

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    i have noticed this in a way, i definitely have a more aggressive tendency but have used it in the gym more than anything. i wonder if its the increase in testosterone from eating healthy. As far as beating the snot out of someone i haven't gotten to that point but i notice that i don't allow people to push me around as much and when criticized or poked at by someone i just push back on them. But i definitely attempt to harnesh that aggression and channel it into higher PR's in the gym. 300LBs deadlift here i come.

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    Sure if you we're a vegan soy feeder before, hormone levels might change drastically. Otherwise your increased aggression could stem from having accepted injustices and idiots all your life. Being passive all the time is against male nature, and it will cause a gradual rise in pent up emotion.
    This is just a theory based on classic high-school Freud, but finding some method for releasing your emotions might be beneficial

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fatkid View Post
    if you are seriously close to attacking people I would suggest NOT a martial art though... no need to get better at hurting if you are already close :-P...
    First, this isn't true - there's nothing better than martial art for channelling these urges. I know several guys who were 'problematic', shall we say, before taking up martial art. Now they are as cool as the proverbial cucumber.

    As for the OP, I've noticed a rise in general raaaaaaaaaaage as well since going primal and starting lifting proper weights, and as both of these increase your testosterone then that's what I'm putting it down to.

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    invest in a good full length punching bag to kick and punch the crap out of. martial arts is also a good outlet, many practice self control and discipline over attack mode.

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    iv noticed a difference as well.
    i am much less tolerant of bullshit from other people.

    you are connecting with your inner alpha male. its inside you so dont fight it, accept it, use it.
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    I've had this, too (I'm not a guy, though.)
    I'm way happier lately, but I find that when people are bothering me, I have strong urges to throw shit on the floor/break stuff tell them to fuck off. I try to avoid acting on these impulses, LOL. I'm frequently in situations where I have to hold my tongue no matter what, I guess the frustration from that just builds up.

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    if you really feel like your emotions are on the brink of being out of control, you may just want to deal with them more closely and work through whatever is making you so aggressive. my shrink has me working through this book, and so far it has been wonderful. it's all about the human emotional response, and how to manage it more effectively.

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