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Thread: Worldwide Pull Up Challenge of 2011 Who's In?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Yeah. It almost becomes kind of a serpentine motion.
    Yes! Good description!!!

    Thanks IniQuity! Something my husband has me doing is start with a close grip, then move it outward, until it's really wide! It's a fun challenge!

    I can't wait to get my first! I'm anticipating this worse than a back seat prom queen!
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    -John Lennon

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    Quote Originally Posted by lil_earthmomma View Post
    I can't wait to get my first! I'm anticipating this worse than a back seat prom queen!
    You never know what can happen in the back seat after the prom!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sigi View Post
    *Splutter!!* You're nearly there and it's still only January! You'll be doing sets of 10 before some of us can do even one!
    Well done.
    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    Woot indeed! Not that far from nose to chin. Keep at it.
    Well thanks guys! I've been kinda working at them for a while just cause we do them a lot at crossfit. But while I can do a bunch with a band this is as close as I've come yet without one. But I WILL get there! And you will too!

    Quote Originally Posted by Paleobird View Post
    I think I'm finally getting the hang of those Woody bands. <snip>
    It felt like using the bands is getting the abs involved more than doing the chair assisted ones. Something about the free hanging. Any thoughts on that?
    I LOVE using the resistance bands to help with pullups! This way I can go through the entire range of motion but it limits how much I can cheat with my legs.

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    Oh I am so in this challenge. My hubs is so sick, I am sure, of hearing me whine about wanting to do pullups and then never working on them.

    My plan-
    Daily practice, not too much, keep it fun
    start with negatives and shrugs
    work up from there, maybe get some resistance bands!

    Will my upper arm tattoo I am getting on Sunday impede me at all? hm.

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    Welcome Millie,
    You're #46 on the team.

    The resistance bands really help me to get past that "I will never be able to do this so why even try" sticking point.

    And thank you for the comment about daily practice. I just got off my butt and got out to the bar and did a few more sets. It felt like the sore muscles from yesterday were all having a conference saying, "Well, I guess this is something we are going to be doing often, not just a one time thing, so we better get busy and get stronger in this area."
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    Because I was in the middle of writing the daily wrap up of food and exercise on my journal, I just got off my behind and went out on the patio and did some more pull up practice. That makes three days in a row. I can't let the pull up challenge team down since I started this darn thing. I'm still doing 1 set of 20 chin ups and 1 set of 20 pull ups, woody band assisted. I'm still doing 5, rest, 5, rest not all 20 in a row but the rests are becoming much shorter. More like just little pauses. Progress is still progress no matter how low the starting point. I can feel the muscles learning this new skill.

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    Hmm, typed a response a bit ago said I had been guilted into working out...Now done. May have to do another round later, just didn't feel great now. I think the stomach is the thing on me that is the weakest wrt pullups, don't know why exactly, but I always feel them there most. Also I must not be utilizing my back muscles correctly cause I still can't get going from a dead hang. I have bands, but have been working mostly negatives because the bands let me cheat where I'm weakest, at the start as there is the most help there. I can do a few with the smallest band I have, which is about a 1/2" wide. Been alternating over and underhand grip with a 5-7 second letdown. I also feel like my shoulders don't lower smoothly from most of the way down to all the way down, kinda like they crackle, which can't be good. Too much in that rotator cuff area that can be pulled. I guess I will start working on pullups more often that the rest of the PB fitness? Is that the consensus around here as what's needed to make progress. I think I will wait till I'm almost not sore anymore, but not quite and do it again?

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    Alright I'm a month late (me? late? shocker) BUT

    I'm in.

    If I can.

    I was able to do a pullup, but then I stopped. Pre-thanksgiving. So I may or may not be able to any more.

    What say you, judges?

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    Since I'm the one editing the list, I say the more the merrier. Welcome Eklecktika, aka #47.

    I figure people can jump in as late as they want provided we all agree to the same end date, Midnight Dec 31, 2011.
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    I have been out there on my patio pull up bar four days in a row now. I think my shoulder and back muscles are beginning to get the idea that they are not going to be able to get out of this so they had better get with the program.

    Can I get a check in a from the rest of the team on their progress?

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