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Thread: Masculinity Then, Now and Future

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    Masculinity Then, Now and Future

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    I had an epiphany just now reading over some male primal journals here on the forums. Many people starting to live Primally are attempting to lose weight. Others though, men especially, are attempting to gain strength. Along with this stated goal often times is the desire to not "get bulky" or "huge", but gain strength and become leaner. Compare this perceived ideal to past decades.

    In the 1950s I infer the masculine ideal (cp "Romantic/hollywood") as the Herculean actor Steve Reeves:

    In the 1970s we had Arnold

    the 1990s Marky Mark (amongst others)

    It occurred to me that increasingly in a society of obese people the ideal body type may have skewed towards "thin" as opposed to "strong" in so much that it better projects disassociation from obesity (or could be argued).

    These days I Google GQ, Vanity Fair, Esquire + "male model" and I see

    also of note- the popular show Mad Men has retroactively re-defined the male ideal for the period (perhaps/arguably) through the lens of today's ideal: well groomed, slim and clean. (What happened to male facial hair?)

    This is of course all very surface level; the magazines I mention through no stretch of the imagination define masculinity in and of themselves. Magazines such as Outside, Muscle and Fitness, ESPN the magazine, Play Girl no doubt feature different model styles -- additionally there were slim, well groomed men in every decade.

    My questions though: as we become technologically more connected does the traditional viewpoint of masculinity change? When ability to survive in a natural environment no longer a requirement to flourish, other abilities and traits are perhaps more sought after. which point I am reminded of The Faint song, "The Geeks Were Right":

    Egghead boys with thin white legs
    They got modified features and software brains
    But that's what the girls like
    The geeks were right
    Predator skills, chemical wars, plastic islands at sea
    Watch what the humans ruin with machines


    *And of course the female ideal has changed countless times throughout the decades - probably more than the masculine? (Marilyn Monroe + cellulite -> Twiggy -> voluptuous + huge boobs -> skinny -> skinny + huge boobs etc) Perhaps though such changes were not the result of the disappearance of their gender roles brought upon by technology. Women still give birth - men don't really hunt mastodons.


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    Personally I would love to have a physique like Whalberg, maybe add some more muscle; but, I would be more than pleased to achieve that body type
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    "as we become technologically more connected does the traditional viewpoint of masculinity change?"

    There are many aspects that encompass masculinity though, not just looks.

    From a primal POV, I think women are still generally attracted to physically fit males, it’s just the way our DNA is coded. As a male, it would be very hard for me to do the things I want to do physically while being overweight.

    Picture a scenario in which all men and women are healthy, and in a state of equilibrium. I assume you’d be hard pressed to find overweight individuals, so being fit is how we’re supposed to be as far as I’m concerned. Of course then the difference lies in being “fit” and looking like a walking anatomy chart (think Hugh Jackman in X-men vs. a body builder on stage) which I don’t think is necessary for all males OR females. It stands to reason for both males and females to be attractive to fit males and fit females, with beauty still being in the eye of the beholder when all is said and done.

    That’s my long way of saying “no” it doesn’t matter how technologically advanced we get, we will always be attracted to those that aren’t carrying too much excess as a norm. There always will be those that are, nothing wrong with that, but the majority will be looking for mates they perceive as fit and healthy.

    I’m happy (now) with my body, ideally I want to look like a gymnast, which is why I’m trying to train like they do. Let’s see if my genes are up to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFastCat View Post
    skinny + huge boobs
    Not really adding anything to discussion, but skinny chicks never seem to look good with huge boobs, because they never seem to have the butts to balance it out.

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    I vote for Steve Reeves with Marky Mark in second place.

    ideally I want to look like a gymnast, which is why I’m trying to train like they do. Let’s see if my genes are up to it.
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    big fan of Steve Reeves. my goals have somewhat fluctuated (wanted to be massive at one point and achieved pretty close to what I was going for), but now am more focused on the Marky Mark look (come on, feel it feel it....good vibrations.....yes, I went there). My wife would prefer the "thinner" look with less bulk, she's a fan of Zach Efron...I can't believe I admited that publicly....but told her I have no desire to be that trim with lack of muscle size.

    I do certainly think our view as society constantly alters. One thing I always joke about is that I was born in the wrong era when it comes to chest hair. I've got plenty of it...but in this era, I'm just seen as hairy. Chest hair used to be seen as a sign of guys, trim, shave, wax etc to show off their chests (guilty as well).

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    mark whalberg > all the others. OMG.

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    It could just be me but what I notice most about the pictures is that they seem to be getting/looking younger. More skinny adolescent vs. experienced man who can take care of things.

    Of course, that's been the trend for women for years.........

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    love me some marky mark. Steve Reeves/Arnold are just too much - can't look at them without thinking "steroid much?" The more recent models are barely male at all, not even remotely attractive. They look like juveniles of the species.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick "the Caveman" M. View Post
    now guys, trim, shave, wax etc to show off their chests (guilty as well).
    DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hairless men are creepy!!!!!

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