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    how can i tell if i'm insulin resistant?

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    For the past couple of weeks i've been eating 30-50g carbs in the form of sweet potato, squash or (gasp!) white rice every day.
    i've also been testing my blood sugar levels, and they are BAD. Last week i was recovering from jetlag so they were worse than normal (going up to 170 an hour after eating!), but even before, i know they went pretty high (above 140) 1 hr after eating.
    I was wondering how i can find out if I am insulin resistant? Other than that i can;t see any signs of IR - i've never been overweight, i feel healthy, i can fast 24 hours + no problem, my fasting BS is low (70's). I was thinking of asking my doc if i could get a blood test for HbA1c, fructosamine, and fasting insulin, though i'm not entirely sure how i'd interpet the results..
    What do you think?

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    You answered your own question, see your doctor.

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