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Thread: Hungarian Paprikash with Chicken Fat Fried Okra

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    I love paprikash too. i think i'll cook me a pot today.

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    @aboutsaffron- do you have any primal Hungarian dishes to share? I think we've exhausted a lot of my mother-in-law's old stand-bys (and a lot of them include dairy, which we don't do).

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    All my grandparents were hungarian and kept kosher so virtually none of their dishes had dairy (at least the ones with meat, which is most). paprikash no sour cream, becinalt (basically just paprikash with lots of veggies), my all time favorite is leczo. My grandma makes big pots and then freezes them in little containers and I stock up. My favorite is to have it with an egg or two; scrambled in it, poached in it, etc.
    I'm not sure how to make it but i think it's just fry onions and garlic, add a couple of pounds of sweet peppers maybe a little tomato sauce/crushed tomatoes/tomato juice (not sure which)and then stew it until soft.

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    Also, fushirt, which are like little hamburgers made from the ground up 'throw away' parts of chicken. These are good to snack on even cold for a quick take away lunch.

    Another great primal dish from grandma would be liver, sliced onions, sliced potatoes (take or leave), sliced hard eggs, fried together. Don't know if it's hungarian but it sure had a lot of paprika in it so i can only assume

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    My mom made chicken rubbed in paprika, then baked. I like it on the dry side (no stewed tomatoes, etc) so I can dip it in melted butter with a little honey. Ooh, I think I am making this soon ~~

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    Grokowitz, those chicken part burgers sound good, for some reason. Do you have a recipe for that? My grandmother used to make liver and onions every Sunday and the stench was enough to put me off of it. I did, however go and buy some very high quality braunschweiger yesterday and put it little celery boats topped with mustard. My husband lookaed as though he was going to be sick while I ate them, but I thought they were awesome.

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