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Thread: Primal Birthday Cupcakes!

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    So it is my very good friend Paul's birthday today, he introduced me to the primal lifestyle so I wanted to make him a Primal birthday treat.

    After a few trials this is what worked.. I think they turned out pretty well..cakey and not to sweet... thoughts and comments are greatly appreciated!

    I started with this recipe from

    I used 1 1/2 cups of Erythritol instead of Stevia.

    The batter yielded about 20 cupcakes instead of a sheet cake. Baked for about 30 minutes at 350 degrees until an inserted knife came out clean.

    I made two different kinds of Frosting:

    The first was a chocolate buttercream:

    1 stick of organic salted butter

    1/2 cup Stevia extract

    2 TBS Green & Blacks Organic Dark Cocoa Powder

    approx 1 TBS heavy whipping cream

    Mix together, a hand or stand mixer will work best. Cream level will very, I added a little at a time until the frosting was creamy. Spread on cooled cupcakes, I sprinkled a little cocoa powder on top.

    The second was sort of a chocolate ganache:

    1 cup Dark chocolate chips ( 72% cacao)

    Heavy Cream

    Heat cream on low heat in saucepan, add chocolate and wisk until smooth. Turn off heat and dip cooled cupcakes into chocolate mixture. I sprinkled some with unsweetened coconut (left over from making primal energy bars

    Refrigerate cupcakes if not eating right away.

    Happy Birthday to Paul!! My Best Primal Buddy

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    Oh that sounds good. also has some great stuff for holidays and birthdays when it is "normal" to eat cake. And ice cream (coconut milk of course).

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    Thank you Sweetheart

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