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    How Often Do You Shower?

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    And has going PB changed that?
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    Every day, and my diet won't impact that. I find most people find it objectionable if I go riding and spend time with the horses, and don't I use a very pure glycerine soap though, and keep it to a minimum. I have found that after just a couple of weeks of going PB, my skin is less dry and feels softer, and my tattoos are brighter.

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    As often as needed for cleanliness and not to smell, which is usually once a day or once every two days, at most I've gone 3 days but then I can't even stand myself.

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    I wash every day, but shower a lot less. Unless I've been doing a lot of first-fixing/chasing at work. Then I just want the dust and concrete out of my hair and off my skin. It's the lesser of two evils to lose som natural skin oil at the same time.

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    Once or twice a week? I wash my hair with ACV and Egg Yolk every 7-10 days, so I shower then. I also shower when I notice that I need to shave, so it varies--but I guess about once or twice a week.

    Primal actually didn't bring this "odd" habit about. You know how some people say they always liked meat and fat, and they love PB because it allows for that? That's how I am with showering and soap, haha. I've never been a big "washer" but I've never smelled bad either. I love that Primal encourages less soap!

    Edit: I will say though, that when pre-PB I used regular shampoo and conditioner and I lathered up with soap whenever I showered. Now I just rinse with water. This week, I've stopped soap in the pits (the only place I did still suds) and I'm trying a home deodorant. We'll see if it works out!

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    3 times a week max, but I've stopped using shampoo in my hair as of a week ago, and I don't really get to the point of stinking that often, so I'll probably be showering less.

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    Everyday morning and night, and every time after sex.

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    Once a day, with an occasional skipped day. Those skipped days are less frequent now I'm not using shampoo and almost no soap....sometimes that's too long between showers!

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    Once a day everyday, sometimes twice. I use regular store bought soap and have never had skin problems. I love my showers, I really wouldn't want to give them up.
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    once a day, washing with water, and having gone back to shampoo for the moment. might go back to ACV for the hair.

    no deodorant, though. can't stand the stuff. and i don't smell either. LOL

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