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Thread: The Fattest Nation on Earth and the Western Diet

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    The Fattest Nation on Earth and the Western Diet

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    Something interesting from this morning, in case no-one has seen it yet.

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    That is so. sad.
    To have a life expectancy of less than 50 years... wow.

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    i saw this yesterday, and was going to post it but my internet slowed to a halt. LOL

    the thing that was interesting about the article is that they kept saying "fatty, processed" and "fatty" foods. it's still CW focused. the issue is processed foods, fried foods, and fried potatoes from what i could tell. oh, and lots and lots of sugar.

    seems to me that if they just went back to a near-traditional diet (coconuts, fish and seafood, some tropical fruits and likely some local veggies), they would be fine. you know, whatever their primal diet was.

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