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Thread: Primal Journal (eelnus)

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    Today Meal

    B: skipped
    S: macadamia nuts
    L: Indian Buffet - no Naan, no rice (okay I had 1 spoonful of rice)

    I was planning on walking 4 miles and working out like I did yesterday, but I have the opportunity to see a local production of Jesus Christ Superstar for free tonight. Still waiting for a definite confirmation. If not, then I will go work out.

    I walked 2 miles to my gym and 2 miles back in my Vibrams. The only problem with them is that on my way home, the bottom of my feet started to get sore. Like the pounding on the pavement was bruising the balls of my feet. I'm sure this is something I need to get use to. My feet feel fine today though.

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    So my work is participating in the Global Corporate Challenge. We get into teams of 7 and wear pedometers and track our steps daily. This has been a great motivator for me to start walking more. 8 hours at work only clocks in 2000 some 8 hours!...actually 9 with a lunch break. Just walking outside for an hour and a half clocks in 10,000. So if you just work all day and go home and do nothing...then that's no more then 3000 steps. There is no way I'm going to be inputing anything less then 10,000. My daily average so far is 20,000. My team's average is 13,000.

    B: 4 eggs, kimchee, 3 brazil nuts
    L: Salmon Ceaser Salad
    D: 4 eggs, kimchee

    Walk: I was only able to get in 4 miles today.

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    I'm addicted to salmon. I had salmon for lunch at a nice restaurant called Seastar with roasted asparagus and some fingerling potatoes. For dinner I decided to make salmon again because I didn't get enough. I discovered the best cooking tool. It is a rice cooker/slow cooker/ browner all in one. I ordered it on HSN for $40 and it is one of Emeril's things. Anyway I just put frozen salmon in it with tons of butter and olive oil and broccoli and voila. It was ready in 10 minutes and I didn't have to flip it or anything. And cleanings a breeze. I can eat salmon every night now that I've found an easy cooking method.
    I went for my walk in order to get my 10,000 steps in. During my walk, I discovered this awesome chinese foot massage place where I live. I decided to check it out. For $30, they massaged my head, shoulders, arms, hand, feet and legs, and then had me turn around to do my whole back and even my butt and legs. An hour massage for $30! It was great. I needed that after my 15 mile walk yesterday. I'ms still a bit sore from that.
    So with all that, I got home at 11pm.

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    Today I was at wholefoods for lunch and the guy next to me is ordering his lunch. He asks for the fatty parts of the meat and comments that that's the best part. Then my coworker pointed out that he has shoes like mine (vibrams). I think he was a PBer for sure.

    For lunch I had a hamburger no bun from wholefoods with a side of roasted asparagus and a small avacado. It was a very satisfying lunch.
    For dinner I cooked salmon again with broccoli. It was so good.
    I also had throughout the day some 100% chocolate. I actually like it because it has the creamy rich texture, almost like peanut butter, just not sweet at all.

    I went for a walk but it started to rain so I didn't walk as far as I wanted to because my vibrams were getting wet. It's June and we're still in the low 60s and rainy.

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    Today I ate eggs and kimchee for breakfast. I shouldn't of because work ordered Qdoba's for lunch at 11:30. I wasn't hungry but I can't pass up a free meal. I loaded my plate with the steak, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. It was yummy.
    I snacked on some 100% chocolate.

    I walked to the crossfit gym to check it out. It is a 45 minute walk from my place. I signed up to start on June 20. They require you to take a 2 week beginner's course on M,W,F and I have an evening class on wednesday for the next 2 weeks. So I can't start til then. I can't wait. I want to get fit. I'm going to walk 2 miles there, workout and walk 2 miles home. That way I get my walking in as well.

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    B:4 eggs cooked in coconut oil, kimchee
    L:1/2lb cheeseburger, salad with bluecheese
    D: Salmon and broccoli cooked with olive oil and butter, carrot coconut soup

    Calories 2,121
    Fat 144.7 1,283 67%
    Saturated 58.1 513 27%
    Polyunsaturated 12.0 105 5%
    Monounsaturated 42.3 377 20%
    Carbohydrate 30.6 113 6%
    Dietary Fiber 11.1
    Protein 126.5 517 27%

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    B: skipped
    S:A piece of 90% dark chocolate
    L: Japanese fish cakes, cucumber kimchee, strawberries
    D: scallops steamed with lemon and butter, asparagus, coconut milk with stevia and vanilla and cinnamon.

    Dietary Fiber

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    Oh wow. My last post was in 2011!

    I just re-read my first post and just started crying. I can't believe how far I've come. I actually forgot that I use to weigh 195lbs!

    I think I stopped posting because I didn't want to obsess everyday about what I was eating.

    I recently posted my before/after picture on instagram. Username: thejisunband

    I actually had forgotten that I took that before photo. I guess I don't identify with that fat person anymore.

    I am so greatful for MDA and the whole paleo/primal community.

    My goals for 2014:

    Get from 20% to 18% body fat. (Only 6lbs)

    Snatch 115
    Clean & Jerk - 155
    Power Clean - 170
    Front Squat - 200
    Strict Press - 115
    OHS - 125
    Push Press - 150

    AND - Muscle Ups! (Maybe...)

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    I recently went to the doctor for the first time in my adult life and had my blood work done. I wish I had done bloodwork before I started Primal. Everything was in the normal range. I always believed I was super's good to KNOW I am.

    Total Cholestrol = 245
    Triglyceride = 54
    HDL = 98
    LDL = 136

    The doctor said that he's not worried about my slightly high LDL because he believes it's the fluffy harmless kind. I find a paleo doctor who knows what he's talking about:-) And he said that as soon as he saw my bloodwork, he knew I was paleo because it's very consistent with the paleo way of eating.

    I also got my body fat and bone density tested in a water dunk tank. I always knew that I was heavier then most people and I always joked that I wasn't fat just had dense bones. Turns out I DO! My bone density was off the charts! And I'm asian, female.

    My total lean body mass = 123lbs. That's what most asian female at 5'4 weigh. Well, I was rounded up to 5'5.

    So my current stats:

    Weight = 155
    LBM = 123
    Body fat = 20%

    Goal - don't lose LBM, drop body fat to 18%

    Also I'm testing out ketogenic eating again. I started last week and want to experiment with it this month. I'm in no hurry to lean out, so I can sort of play around and see what works.

    So far, I've experienced the hard heartbeats at night. Googled it and it's fine. I wake up at least once per night around 3:30am to use the bathroom, which I've never done before. But I still feel rested in the no harm I suppose.
    I haven't cut calories at all. I'm eating over 2000 a day. Lots of fat, bulletproof coffee. If I see no positive results by the end of of this month I will re-evaluate.

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    OK so the whole cold therapy thing is a bust for me. I can't bring myself to do cold showers. It's just too hard. I did turn all the heat off for a while but I found that made me just lazy. I didn't feel like doing anything cuz I was so cold.
    Plus it made me want to eat more. So i'm giving that up for now.

    I broke my ketosis yesterday. It was the big game so I drank cider and ate chips and guacamole. So then I just considered it my refeed day. I feel sick. Note to myself: don't do that again. It doesn't feel good.

    I also started TOM yesterday. This year TOM scheduled changed from 28 days to 25. I'm not sure if it's due to my IF'ing or just getting older thing. But it 100% sucks!

    I'm feeling emotional today. I don't like it.

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