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Thread: Can I eat Dairy products?

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    Question Can I eat Dairy products?

    Greetings from Stockholm!

    Started my paleo lifestyle a few weeks back. One word: Awesome!

    But I have been thinking about dairy products be or not be. Some adhering to the Paleo lifestyle eat dairy and some don't.

    Hunter-Gatherers stopped drinking breast milk at age of 3-4 years. But if applying an evolutionary perspective to nutrition, I as a ethnic Scandinavian, have absolutely no problem digesting lactose because my body has learned to produce large quantities of the enzyme lactase.

    My ancestors were among the last of Europeans to enter into the agricultural age and continued to depend on hunting for much of the protein needs until the industrial revolution and modern agriculture. In the north of Scandinavia there is still a semi-nomadic ethnic minority called Sami people. Just a 1000 year back they still used stone tools and depended on domesticated reindeer/caribou in a otherwise harsh polar climate. Domestication came long before agriculture and several peoples have come to rely on dairy products in different forms. A hunter and gatherer culture still remains among us Swedes, hunting the woods for game and picking of mushrooms in the fall. I can really recommend deer, moose and wild boar meat. Tasty! Especially roasted with full cream/Creme fraiche and mushrooms. Smoked sausages made out of intestinal organs with garlic is also great. My Finnish neighbours also eat bear on occasion, not to tasty, large predatory mammals are rarely well tasting if you ask me.

    Anyway, I only use organic dairy products to avoid unnecessary bad fatty acids. Thinking of the wide varieties of extremely taste European (organic) cheeses and the moose with full cream. What are you views/recommendations on dairy products as part of my otherwise paleolithic diet? Am I in line with an evolutionary approach to my food?

    What is your view/recommendation?
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