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    I've read here


    that for the first 36 hours of a fast metabolism increases and doesn&#39;t decrease below baseline for 72 hours. With this in mind I&#39;ve been trying to fast for 36 hours but...can&#39;t

    Any tips to suppress appetite..."naturally"?

    PS. I regularly eat only once a day.

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    I had no problem fasting for 48 hours after I went to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned...

    If you already eat once a day on a regular basis, I&#39;m surprised you&#39;re having trouble going 36 hours. It might just be mental and you think you&#39;re hungry. I like the ZC rule: Does a steak sound good? Yes? Then you&#39;re hungry

    Or find something to distract yourself? Get out and socialize, visit a museum, work on a project of some kind.

    Also, when you do break the fast, I&#39;d eat slowly and pay attention to my satiation. Most advice I&#39;ve seen has said to not try to make up for food you missed -- just eat a normal sized portion, or until your appetite is satisfied. This also has worked a lot better for me than "eating big" after skipping meals.

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    Cold showers work for me.

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    when is it that you usually eat? The best way to get over that hump that always gets you is to make sure that you&#39;re asleep during the part of the fast that you think is the hardest, or the part that always gets you. If you are eating at hour 30 just make sure that you are asleep by hour 28 or so. That should do the trick.

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    I&#39;ve found that I do best on longer fasts (24+ hours) when I kind of load up on fat/protein the day before. So if your regular eating is only once a day, maybe have two meals before launching into a longer fast.

    My &#39;regular&#39; schedule is 2 meals a day, except for the days I only eat one. If I&#39;m embarking on longer fasts, I definitely have two plus (primal) snacks, or even three meals beforehand.

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    Madame, I thought that was only for guys.......

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