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Thread: Herbwifemama's Journal

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    Herbwifemama's Journal

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    Hi all.

    I'm tentatively starting this, so I can log my progress. I MUST see progress or I won't stick with this. And since I have a lot of weight to lose, I won't see it just by looking at myself.

    Major checkpoints:
    Daughter1's birthday, Jan 21: 42/35/45, 196 lbs
    Spring Equinox, March 20: 38/32/40, 184 lbs (I will update this tomorrow with more accurate measurements)
    My wedding anniversary, May 30
    My birthday, July 29
    Autumnal Equinox, Sept 23
    Thanksgiving, November 25

    Starting Measurements: Hips: 45

    Hips: 40
    Bust: 38

    Gonna be one sexy hourglass when I get down to goal!

    Weight: I don't own a scale, nor will I, but last I checked, I was 190. My parents have a scale, and I visit them every few months, which is just about right.
    Current weight: 184

    BMI: 34- I believe they call that "morbidly obese"

    You have 26.9% body fat.

    You have 51.1 Pounds of fat and 138.9 Pounds of lean (muscle, bone, body water).
    Picture (I hate my face):

    This is my "YEAH! It took me 5 months, but I finally got my baby on my back!" picture.

    I'm going to take one of me in a dress I want to fit into, and show my progress that way.

    Food log: I won't call it "daily" because I'm not sure how often I'll do it, but I'm posting in Fitday, and I'll try to figure out how to post the pie chars of macronutrients up here, because that's what I'm mainly concerned about. I want the right ratios, and want to keep the carbs low.

    Aiming for 100g protein and 50 g carbs (max) per day. KISS. Calories around 1700-1800

    Other stuff: rants about how much I hate exercise, internal stuff to deal with while losing weight, and the like.

    So... hello, world!
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    Ok, my first mental stuff to deal with:

    I am afraid that if I start losing weight, people will say, "Wow, you look fabulous!"- Subtext being, "Man, you sure were FAT and UGLY before, but now that you're skinny, I see that you have value!"

    Good reason to stay fat...

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    I am afraid that if I start losing weight, people will say, "Wow, you look fabulous!"- Subtext being, "Man, you sure were FAT and UGLY before.
    It gets easier to just say "Thank You" without reading anything into it, or saying "Yeah, but I still need to....". Do it for yourself and your baby. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks. Now or Later.

    There are no good reasons to stay fat.

    Welcome to MDA. I'm sure you will find all the information and motivation that you need to stay on track

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    Quote Originally Posted by IntrinsicArt View Post

    There are no good reasons to stay fat.
    That was sarcasm.

    Welcome to MDA. I'm sure you will find all the information and motivation that you need to stay on track
    Thank you, it seems really supportive here.

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    Welcome to MDA!

    I had a lot of trouble getting in shape after I had my 4th baby. For whatever reason, it was easier for me with the first three. In 2010, I lost 25 pounds and look a lot better. I have big goals for this year.

    You can do it!

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    Hey! I"m a doula too!

    I was 165 when I got pregnant with my first. I gained 50 lbs, and lost 25 at the birth. That brings us to 190. With my second- I"m not sure when I got pg, lol, but I was hovering around 200. I think I put 205 as my "official" pre preg weight. I got up to about 230 with my second baby, and when I weighed myself for the first time after her birth, it was a few months postpartum, I was 190, so I LOST weight while pg. I'm afraid I might have gained a bit back now, but that's all going to change as my eating habits get healthier and healthier, and I figure out how to exercise without hating it.

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    I wish you the best of luck with your weight loss and better lifestyle goals! This is the year for me for sure!
    "Achievement begins with belief."

    "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." -Ralph Waldo Emerson-

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    So, I pulled out the clothes I wanted to take pictures in, and I can't post them because they're positively indecent. I did take one of me in a pretty blue dress I had in high school- jrs size 13. I could actually get it on, but my boobs are like woah! in it, lol. I might not post it though, lol.

    I wanted to post a family pic of us from this past summer. My dh is a mini marathoner, and he used a 5k as a training run, and they had a 1 mile walk/run, and I took the kids and did that while he did his thing. I walked it in about 15 mins, going at a brisk, not too hard pace.

    He's in his 140s. I want to weigh less than him.

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    i wouldn't worry about weight in comparison to your partner at all. body type plays a role, too, and it seems to me that 165 is a decent goal weight, and if you go below, you do, and if not, then not.

    but, i wouldn't use a scale at all. i stopped using scales some years ago, and go with clothing fit mostly. since doing primal, i've seen amazing results in just weeks, but i started small and just got. . .smaller. like, from 23% body fat to 20% body fat in two weeks. so obviously my body *wanted* this adjustment.

    i'm sure you'll see results, and quickly. it may not be weight loss right away, but you might notice things like sleep getting better, or clearer skin or more energy first. or, go through the carb flu and then notice those things.

    all will be well, you'll see.

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    Oh, when I was 165, I wanted to lose 40 lbs. I still think 120 is a good goal weight. I think I'd be about a size 8 there. I'm short- 5'1".

    And I tossed out the scale when I went over 200, I just couldn't bear to watch it go up and up.

    I'm not sure I'll see results quickly, since I"m making small changes slowly. I've given up grain for breakfast and dinner, and I'm just about to start on lunches and snacks. And then I have to give up sugar- I noticed I increased my alcohol intake when I cut out sugar last time, which scares me. I can prolly cut both out at the same time, except a glass of wine a week is part of my religious rituals. So is bread, for that matter, but I can give that up easier.

    Once I'm grain and sugar free, I expect results.
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