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Thread: Primal/Giuten-Free In NYC

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    Primal/Giuten-Free In NYC

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    I am traveling to NYC tomorrow until Sunday and I am curious what to expect in terms of finding gluten-free food and how much it will cost. What sort of snacks could I bring with me on the plane, etc.

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    Yelp is a good always, GF stuff costs more. But if you're primal you're not going to be swinging by Babycakes to pick up some GF sourdough anyway, right?

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    Primal is immensely easy in NYC, of course, even if you're traveling and don't have a place to cook, there are even places that serve grassfed meat and free range eggs and local veg and all that good stuff, for instance, mmmm, taco salad. If you're looking for some gluten free "cheating" and are looking for substitutes rather than just some rice noodles with your Thai food... I go to Risotteria maybe twice a year, it's at 270 Bleecker St and it's pretty glorious, between the pizza, focaccia sandwiches, breadsticks, deserts, and oh god, the gluten free beers! There's also Mozzarelli's, 38 E23rd St, if you just want some pizza and dessert. Not so much a fan of Babycakes, they tend toward making things vegan ON TOP of gluten free, yech. Ahem, um, other than that, finding GF and Primal food is a cakewalk (hah!), as mentioned, Yelp is a good place to start. This is NYC, though, the cost of living is brutal, so unless you're coming from London or LA, everything seems painfully expensive.

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