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Thread: Lightweight primal food for extended bushwalking/hiking trips page

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    Lightweight primal food for extended bushwalking/hiking trips

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    I regularly undertake 5-9 day walking expeditions. I usually take home made biltong/jerky, salamis and cheese and often a few eggs for the first few days on these trips but have always found it difficult not to rely on grains - flat bread, cous cous, rice, crackers etc for bulk. I suspect the difference of this food from my "home primal food" may be the reason I often experience digestive problems on these trips.
    I would be interested in expedition food suggestions from experienced primal eaters.

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    Mark did a post recently on Pemmican. I tried making some and it's really much yummier than Mark makes it sound if you give it some spices. Great way to have your protein and your fat in little blobs that won't go bad. The Native Americans used this extensively.

    Also find Diana Renata's journal and click on her Wilderness Childe blog in her signature. She has a recipe for Jerkified Mookies (meat cookies). They are like jerky but they start out with a blend of ground meat and berries. I made some with buffalo and cranberries. Yummm.


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    Get a good dehydrator and the world opens up to you. Tomato sauce, yogurt roll ups, fruit, all manner of veggies, jerky, etc. etc. Nuts are also great. they wiegh a bit, but it isn't much water weight - just lots of dense calories.

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    Here's a link to the first video in my making pemmican series:

    It's pretty easy. Like Paleobird said, this is what pemmican was designed for.

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    How about some pouched tuna and/or salmon?
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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