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Thread: Shinsplints be damned!!!

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    try stretching your calves religiously. those tight muscles pull on the shin.

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    This thread is awesome.

    I play a lot of Ultimate (my university came 2nd in UK nationals ) and shin splints have been crippling me in the last few months. I saw a physio and she said that it was my running technique (due to inflexible ankles, bandy legs and hypermobile knees), rolling over onto my big toe. At the moment they're too bad to start barefoot running (it hurts even more than normal running), but I'm stretching a lot and doing calf raises, toe lifts etc. I'm also going to get some vibram KSOs (and try some Ca supplements, although I should be pretty Ca-replete, drinking >1L of whole milk per day usually- I'll get one with a vitD component as that could be an issue), then work up to some light running in a few weeks.

    My only concern is that I'll go back to my bad technique as soon as I start using my cleats again. I guess there's nothing that can be done about this?

    Also, I've read in a couple of places that forefoot running can also cause shin splints. I'm so confused!

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    Another issue could be poor glute strength on both sides. Most lower leg/feet issues are due to something that is happening mechanically above them. Slight pronations can be due to weak glute muscles. Lunges, cross-over lunges, squats, side squats are all really great exercises that will help strengthen those muscles. Also doing single leg squats as deep as you can will target those muscles. I, also, always thought it was due to my shoes. Once I switched to a neutral cushions shoe and really worked on strengthening my glutes, I, thankfully, haven't had any problems in the last two years! Good luck!

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    i fixed mine with a combination of stretching, acupuncture and changing the way i run. Shorter strides, straighter legs, feet wider apart and balanced either side - I was running with my right leg directly under my body and left leg out to one side, with much more load on my right.

    Hopefully all will stay fine as i build mileage back up to the half maras I'm running in the summer (each one after a swim and a bike ride, just to make it interesting )

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