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Thread: Trying PB while in Iraq...any advice?

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    Trying PB while in Iraq...any advice?

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    I just started PB this weekend. I'm currently deployed to Iraq, and have to eat what is provided at the DFAC...which has seriously declined in quality in the last few months.

    We usually have good choices for protein: fish, chicken, pork, steak, eggs. I think I'll be ok with fats...relying on olives and fatty cuts of meat (bacon).

    I am VERY limited in my choices of veggies/fruit...and have absolutley no control on how it was cultivated or prepared.

    Any suggestions on items I can purchase online to supplement my lack of choice/control while over here would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone else tried to follow PB while deployed?


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    I know when I was deployed there was a limited salad bar and a stir fry station in the DFAC. The stir fry thing allowed you to pick your own veggies etc. I'd load up there if it is available. Also get to know the cooks/servers. You'd be amazed what you can get with a little smoozing. If nothing else you can find out how things are prepared. Also if there are any foreign units with you see where they eat. In Baghdad the foreign civillian employees had a seperate DFAC they had set up with authentic food (asian - they were mostly Filipino/Indian) getting in good with them got me a few meals a week and they are always open to trade.

    I'm not too familiar with online vegetable sources but jerky, nuts, etc are ordered easily enough. I'll look around and see what I can find though hopefully others jump in with more knowledge.

    Thanks for your service and keep you head down!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brace37 View Post
    I'm currently deployed to Iraq
    No advice, but I want to thank you for your service.

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    Thank you for your service as well.

    Eat meat and try to avoid bad foods. It is perfectly ok to not eat a ton of vegetables

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    Buy yourself some powdered super greens and you can get your vegetables that way in a shake.

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    As long as you're eating in the DFAC and not subjected to MREs, you should do okay. Just stick to the principles of PB, lots of meat and veggies, don't sweat the origins or types of oils, as that's not something you can control. Get someone from home to send you some coconut oil and good quality beef jerky. High quality protein powder might be a good idea too, this way if you're out of camp you can add it to water for a mini meal when needed. Look into omega 3 supps, Vit D might not be a big issue if you're outside a lot.

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    Hey Brace37,
    I'm in Afghanistan now and have been primal for 7 of the past 9 months. I've been skipping breakfast recently (I found when I eat breakfast I snack more during the day) but when I do have breakfast I eat fried eggs and bacon. Lunch, whatever meat they are serving I ask for two or three (and then deal with the disapproving looks from the Afghan/post USSR country server). Then go to the salad bar and find the one tray that is not sour cream, cheese, olives, letuce, onions, or beets, and load up my tray. Then I take the unidentified oily substance they put at the salad bar and coat everything in it. It might not be the best choices, but it works for sure. Repeat at dinner. I also have care packages sent with Emerald Chocolate Roast Almonds which I snack on between meals if I'm hungry. I keep whey and casein proteins on hand too. The biggest problem is all the damn care packages that get sent full of candy, cookies, and other snacks. We should start a web site ""

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    I went with tons of bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast, probably not organic but better than the Otis Spunkmeyer muffins and cookies. Seafood night at LSA Anaconda, I always loaded up with lobster and steak. They also had tons of salad and kiwis. Cooked veggies were always overcooked and bland. Avoid the Gatorades and sodas. Supplement with O3 and vitD. Kiwis were stacked to the ceiling and I always had 4-5 in my pockets trying not to get crushed. MRE's were absolute last resort...
    During breakfast today, Abby asks, "How would this juicy, fat, sweet blackberry taste on top of my bacon?" I said it would taste BerrySwine...;-P

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    "" --- great idea!

    Thanks for your service.

    One of the stories I've heard is that they don't provide tooth brushes and toothpaste for you guys. Any truth to that?

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