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Thread: Nepalese Chicken Curry

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    This is one of my favorite "soupy" curries. We just made it a few days ago and it's as delicious as ever.

    Only takes ~1/2 hour to make.

    2.5 lbs of chicken (thighs w/ skin work great)

    3 tablespoons coconut oil

    1 tablespoon minced garlic

    1 tablespoon ginger puree (ginger mashed w/ vinegar)

    4 oz chopped onion

    1.5 pints (900ml) chicken stock

    Fresh chilies (any kind you like)…adjust to you desired heat level

    2 tablespoons chopped cilantro

    3 fl oz (85ml) full-fat coconut milk (you can use more if you like)


    6 cloves

    2 teaspoon cumin seeds

    4 bay leaves

    1 teaspoon paprika

    1/ Brown thighs for a few minutes each side in butter. Set aside

    2/ In a wok or large soup-pot heat the coconut oil.

    Fry spices for 30 secs.

    Add garlic & fry for another minute

    Add onion & fry for at least another 5 mins (this is the flavor baby!)

    3/ Add stock & when simmering add chicken pieces.

    Simmer for ~15-20 mins

    4/ Add final ingredients (chilies, coconut milk & cilantro) & cook another 10 mins

    YUM!! And you have left-overs.

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    oh yum sounds good gonna try it soon! I love soups in the Fall!! thank youxoxo Darlene

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