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Thread: Too many eggs and meat

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    Too many eggs and meat

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    Hey guys!!

    I eat a lot of eggs and meat.
    And a lot of people say, that you can eat too much of those. I don't remember the exact reasons why it's bad, I mean if you eat too much protein, of course it is not good for your kidneys.
    But that wasn't the reason, especially not about eggs.
    Anybody remembers?

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    There is anecdotal evidence that you can develop an egg allergy if you consume too much of them. Don't know if it's true. But it won't hurt to take a few days off every once in a while...

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    The old story was that too many eggs caused a super abundant amount of cholesterol that would turn your arteries to tubes of 'jello' and you would die. That is why 'they' developed all of those egg substitutes and eggs 'light'. Create a need for a product and then sell it.

    About allergies. It is possible to develop an allergy to anything but not everyone develops these allergies.

    I usually have two or three eggs for breakfast on most days. I keep a gallon jar or two of pickled hard boiled eggs for snacks that I may feel a need to eat. In short, I eat eggs and then I eat a few more. No allergies.

    Another example--Some people get a rash when they hear the word poison ivy; others can roll in it and have no ill effect.

    You should check a little more into
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    It's fine for your kidneys. Don't go by what "people say." People are stupid.

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    Even my nutrition professor, who was CW all the way, said that a lot of protein creates a lot of work for the kidneys but there is no evidence that that is a bad thing. She made a point of saying that "a lot of work" does not have to be synonymous with "a strain" if the kidneys are healthy. Think about it: people with healthy bodies go tap out their energy with lifting heavy things until failure ...

    I watch myself, as if I am some kind of speciman. I don't usually figure things out right away (not brilliant), but I will see a pattern. Earlier in 2010, uncomfortable symptoms led me to understand that I have to limit my consumption of apples and cucumbers. Go figure! I am well into my forties and never had a problem with them before. Hmmm ... that I can think of ...

    and I think that's how you need to approach your meat and egg consumption. Are you having any distressing symptoms, new or old? Have you noticed any patterns that are waving at you like red flags?

    It's all about you. =)

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    here is a link with an infinite crapload of other links about protein and kidney damage:

    pro tip: assertions that begin with "i've heard" or 'they say" are usually false.

    so i've heard, anyway

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    Here's how it goes for me -- I'll eat eggs every day for breakfast, keep hard-boiled eggs around for snacks, sometimes have something egg-y for dinner too! Then I'll run out of eggs or get a load of meat in and not eat an egg for a week or two. Then I'll remember how much I like eggs and pull them back into the rotation.

    I'm a big believer in eating what you're in the mood to eat -- well, not a bag of doritos, but within 80/20 paleo bounds. As long as you're conscious of your body's reaction to the things you're ingesting, you're probably not going to get too far off track that way.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diana Renata View Post
    It's fine for your kidneys. Don't go by what "people say." People are stupid.

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    People are stupid.
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    They say I'm incredibly well endowed.


    There is a lot of political and social capital to be gained from "exposing the horrors of (OMZ!!) meat" so I tend to take such things with an even larger grain of salt than most other things.

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