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Thread: I'm back with new goals for 2011!

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    I'm back with new goals for 2011!

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    Well 2010 was a crazy year. I lost my mom, moved, got married & changed jobs 3 times....along the way our primal lifestyle kinda got lost =( At least we managed to stay gluten free!

    Now Molecular Grokologist & I are settled in our new apartment in LA getting back in to the RIGHT way of living. We bought a chest freezer (only 5cubic feet), are making a schedule so we get enough sleep, bought some supplements & are excited to feel awesome again.

    I'm working at a yoga studio part time, MG is getting his PhD (so he's pretty busy & not on much anymore), & we are both tutoring. Life is good we just need to find our balance again.

    Any LA people want to share some cow/pork/lamb/bison/venison?

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    Welcome back! Same to MG!
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