After a month of eating whatever I want, I've finally had it with feeling like a disguting slob. I'm going back to primal, and so far it's been two days without sugar, or starch.

Here are my symptoms:
Bloated feeling
I feel lethargic, extremely tired, as if someone sapped all my energy. (this one is the worst)
I want to curl up in a ball and sleep all day. I find myself breathing in deeply and sighing a lot. (maybe a blood sugar problem? my mom is hypoglycemic...)
Really friggen hungry. My I should go eat some more fat? I have a can of sardines sitting right next to me...
I'm craving sugar so bad OMG
I feel hot

Positives: I finally feel my brain fog clearing up, as if there was a mist in my mind and it's starting to clear up. I feel smarter! I'm serious! I feel like I can think better!

I don't remember this happening last time I went primal, I think all that happened was the sugar cravings...did any of these happen to you guys? And how long would you say it takes for the lethargic feeling to go away?