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Thread: Jenny and Optimus Primal's Journal

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    You've done really well already Jenny! Looking forwad to seeing your progress

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    You're looking just fine! That's really good progress, and I love the attitude.

    You talked about some neuropathy from the C-section -- I'm in the very last stages of Miller Fisher Syndrome (which is an auto-immune myelin problem, but thank heavens it almost always gets better.) So, I did some research on what helps make and maintain myelin .... on the short list, try the methyl form of Vitamin B12 (taken under the tongue). I like Jarrow brand. Slightly lemon-flavored. Also take benfotiamine, which is a form of vitamin B-1 much better absorbed and longer-lasting than the ordinary B-1. And Calcium AEP (or sometimes it's called Calcium EAP) helps a lot by defending cell membranes. L-Acetyl-Carnitine is supposed to help. Some people get help from an Ayurvedic herb, ashwagandha, which is also very good for some other things. (They call it "the Queen of Ayurveda" and also "Indian Ginseng" since it gives energy, but unlike Chinese -panax- ginseng, it's a calm energy.) Good Vitamin D3, of course.

    Good luck. I'm sure your healing is only a matter of time. Nerves take a long time, by the way, slow but steady it goes.

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    Hi Jenny, and Greetings Optimus!

    Way cool, I like your respective goals lists. And I love that you've already posted some progress pics - good for you! Looking forward to following your journey! Hmm...Primal Leap Kit...may have to look into that...
    50 yo single mom
    Primal since 12/1/2010. Now Whole30ing until I feel WHOLE again, my goals are no longer scale-related.

    Aila's Primal Journey

    "If I cling to circumstances, I could claim to be not responsible. Only she who says she did not choose is the loser in the end." Adrienne Rich

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    Hi Jenny! Congratulations on the birth of your second daughter! Love the new journal and the pics-you've already made such an amazing transformation.

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    me2 -- Yeah, I get that a lot actually, that I don't look my weight. Judging by how other gals who claim they're 200 look, I guess there's some basis for it. I imagine it's because even when totally untrained I have a good amount of muscle compared to the average gal, especially in my legs (my calves look pretty big but they're rock solid when I flex, for example.) Plus the "large frame" thing I guess!

    Lindsey -- thanks for the well-wishes. :)

    piano-doctor-lady -- Interesting! I'll keep all this in mind when I reevaluate my supplements. Thankfully in my case, my neuropathy is not really bothering me. It's just kinda the way it is. And, you know... better to be a bit numb ABOVE the incision than below.

    Aila -- I'll be posting the results of the exercises (math I mean) from the Leap kit here in the journal, so you can get a better idea of what it helps figure out. Personally I ordered the kit because to me it seems sort of like a month of virtual personal trainer, except you can pick it up and put it down based on when you have time. Lord knows I need interruptability and convenience this month due to baby!

    Tawny -- thank you! I can't take full credit for the changes so far though; I always lose weight when pregnant. Not too hard when your appetite is in the dumps! The most willpower I needed was to try and eat at all, and making sure what I did eat was not a giant bowl of pasta.

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    Some great progress!

    Geocaching huh? My wife is obsessed about it...although in the winter, with so much snow, it's hard to do. I'm not as big of a fan...but have to admit, it's a great way to see places you would otherwise not see. i.e., in Hawaii, we went to some very remote places with amazing views trying to find caches.

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    Here are my exercise results. I tried to be explicit about all the neat exercises they give, without giving away all the formulas the kit actually uses (that would be kind of unfair to their biz, eh?)

    Primal Leap Journal Exercises -- Week 1

    Baseline Food Log

    I did this, but one of my two days I logged was pretty extreme (oops) so I'll use the other day as my basis below rather than averaging. So moving on...

    30-Day Fat Loss Goal

    Activity level: Inactive (till the end of January and doctor's clearance, that's obligatory.) = 1 point
    Bodyweight: 195 is between 200 and 180, so I guess that's... um... = 9.5? instead of 200.
    Gender: Female = 4
    Body type: Endomorph... go Team Blobby! :D = 10
    Total is my Primal Metabolic Exponent (PME) = 24.5
    So my fat loss goal = 6.5 pounds

    Estimated Daily Caloric Expenditure

    Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) = 1,635
    Harris-Benedict factor = 1.2
    Estimated Daily Caloric Expenditure = 1,962 calories

    Caloric Deficit and Planned Intake

    Fat loss goal = 6.5 pounds
    Have to reduce by this many calories this month = 22,750 calories, or 758 a day
    1,962 minus 758 = 1,204 calories a day? Uh, hrm, I'm not sure I can do that with breastfeeding too... wait, just realized I should include how many calories a day that is... *googles* Looks like the most typically cited amount a day is 500. I'm pumping too so it's probably more, but let's go with 500 calories.
    So that would mean I should shoot for this many calories a day = 1,704. Let's round that to a nice even 1,700 calories a day.

    Protein Calculations

    Since my body fat % is 47% (supposedly), my lean body mass is 103 lbs.
    Times protein intake factor = goal of 72 grams of protein daily.

    Carb Calculations

    Primal Metabolic Exponent (PME) = 24.5
    so my carb "sweet spot" for weight loss = 80 grams of carb daily.
    I have no "extreme activity" so I'm skipping that...

    Fat Calculations
    72 grams of protein daily = 288 calories of protein daily
    80 grams of carb daily = 320 calories of carb daily
    So of my planned 1,700 calories daily, that leaves this many for fat = 1,092 calories of fat daily
    Which = 121 grams of fat daily.

    Primal Eating Goals Comparison

    Just comparing that with the food log day I would consider most "typical", I had:
    2,322 calories.
    108 grams protein.
    166 grams fat.
    112 grams carb.

    So basically, looks like my ratios are already correct -- I just need to reduce everything to 75% of their current level. Ought to be doable.

    That assumes the 500 calories for milk-making is correct of course. For all I know, I may be one of those women who gets ravenous while breastfeeding because her body wants to hold onto fat, and has a really tough time losing weight as a result. But, hopefully my high fat intake will reassure my metabolism! So this will be an interesting month.

    Eliminate Offensive Foods / Primal Shopping Spree

    Our cupboards and fridge are already pretty much primal-ized, and we enjoy all our shopping for food. :) So instead of filling this out I'll say that I have some concerns about how much milk I drink. Even with the higher fat of whole milk, that's a pretty major carb source. Presumably I'd be better off getting those carbs from fruit and veggies, or even my yogurt... we'll see how it works out in practice.

    Establishing Healthy Habits

    We didn't think of a way to really alter our eating environment itself. I plan to stop what I'm doing and focus on enjoying my food when I eat, and take my time about it. Gotta remember to only eat when hungry!

    Other sections, checklists, etc.: I'll look at these on Saturday, which will be the end of the first week. (jeez, I am already four days in? I'm lagging behind!) I won't be doing the aerobic heart rate calc until next month when I redo the Leap for exercise.

    So mostly this is a week of food logging for me -- I plan to continue logging because I feel like I need to watch that closely.

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    P.S.: Optimus has done these exercises too; he said he'll post soon.

    In his case we're assuming he does NOT need to lose weight. The calcs didn't seem to work for a 125 pound guy, probably because the Kit assumes you do want to lose weight -- it said he should lose six pounds (seriously? He should be 119 pounds? Dude needs to maintain and gain muscle, maybe...)

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeagleMan View Post
    Geocaching huh? My wife is obsessed about it...although in the winter, with so much snow, it's hard to do. I'm not as big of a fan...but have to admit, it's a great way to see places you would otherwise not see.
    Yeah, can't imagine we'll be doing much this winter, though we get a lot less snow!

    Locally I figure it's as good a reason for a hike as any, or just to get to know some local parks for the easier ones. And the game aspect is fun. And I'm sure you're right about geocaching on vacations!

    Later on I bet our toddler will be old enough to squee about boxes of toys in the woods without wanting to take them all.

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    Yes, she DOES look awesome!

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