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Thread: Jenny and Optimus Primal's Journal

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    Quote Originally Posted by Optimus Primal View Post
    Primal Fist:
    Actually, I changed my REAL name to Optimus in honor of Prime after he died in the 1980s movie....It was a sad time for all of us.
    Hahaha. I wish that were true. I'd like to change mine to 'Yeah, die Ultra Magnus you whinging Prime-wannabe bitch, you look like an idiot and always get your ass kicked anyway, what the hell are you doing trying to be the boss of anyone else? It might be your darkest hour but everyone else is just laughing at you' but it's too long to fit on most signature strips.

    Jenny, just noticed the new signature. Wicked.

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    Maybe there's another kid trying to get out? Better check before they sew you up again.

    Hope everything goes well.

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    Hmmm....must remember the trick of eating something primal before giving in to a craving. It really does work, doesn't it?

    Jenny-heal quickly! Did you try the honey? Just wondering how you kept it from being messy if you decided to go that way...I'm glad your doc cleared you for exercise. Have you felt ready to start anything yet?

    Love that your toddler hoorayed the soup! That's awesome - I do get a little excitement from my kids about steak and bacon, but most veggies are still met with "Do we have to eat this?" Except raw spinach and cucumbers. Those are always a win.

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    That might be a bit too gross to post, me2. But here's a substitute gross pic for ya, since I promised to post a pic of how my elbows hyperextend:

    I posted a thread here looking for exercise advice regarding The Elbows:!%29-need-exercise-advice
    Do post there if you have ideas!

    Primal Fist, admittedly my hubby didn't really change his name... but there is a guy who did! And a Megatron:

    Oh god BeagleMan, I so do NOT need another kid. *peers in hole* Looks pretty empty, luckily!

    Tawny, I didn't get around to the honey before THIS happened:

    I could try it now but it's so much deeper now... so I'd rather stick with just leaving it be and using gauze to pack it like they said.

    Since then, my toddler refuses to eat soup -- guess she overdosed! I managed to get her to eat two tiny carrot sticks though... I'm going to keep working on that.
    Last edited by Jenny; 02-02-2011 at 08:59 AM. Reason: The Shining elevator pic

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    Primal Fist: I think the name you have is pretty bad-ass. No need to change it. But I agree with the sentiment about Ultra Magnus

    Beagleman: No no no. No more kids! If there IS one in there, he can stay there!

    Tawny: Eating primal FIRST does work. Either I decide I don't want whatever-it-is, OR, I make a conscious, non-impulsive choice which I can later analyze.

    Jenny: NICE illustration there!
    Also, you've been really great with out girl, trying to get her to try new things, and getting me to try all of this as well.

    Everyone: I love my wife!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BeagleMan View Post
    Maybe there's another kid trying to get out? Better check before they sew you up again.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jenny View Post
    But here's a substitute gross pic for ya, since I promised to post a pic of how my elbows hyperextend:

    Jenny you freak!! the evidence!

    The Shining. Loves it.

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    Week 1-B

    I have already done the individual exercises, so here I will discuss diet in general:

    Food Log: January 31:
    Fresh strawberries and blueberries with plain Fage yorgurt
    2 Fage yogurt w/ fruit topping cups
    Grape tomatos
    Salad (my homemade salad)
    a few Brookside dark chocolate covered pomegranate pieces

    Calories: 1,973 Carbs: 168 grams Fat: 82 grams Protein: 152 grams

    I am still a bit over 150, but not as high as I used to get every time.

    Transgressions and Reflections:
    Over the weekend, I did have a few non-primal foods/snacks, and I have some thoughts.

    Sushi (rice included): No regrets there! It was great! This will remain one of my exceptions, hands down. However, I do tend to enjoy a variety of items with or without rice.

    Ramune Asian soda (the one with the little marble in the bottle: Okay, I tried one of these, which I usually only have at Anime conventions as a treat. I enjoyed it, but it’s something I don’t want often. My rule for this is that I can only have it at conventions. It will be a RARE treat, provided I like it next time I have it.

    Pancakes with syrup and fresh squeezed orange juice: Huh. I enjoyed the pancakes, but did not feel great afterwards. I sort of felt SLIGHTLY queasy, like I used to when I had candy on an empty stomach as a kid. Honestly, I don’t think I need pancakes again. If I’m on vacation at my aunts (she plans EVERYTHING out in advance) and she has them, fine, but I won’t seek them out.

    The fresh squeezed orange juice was wonderful, though. I’ll do it sparingly, but that stays on my occasional treat menu (I like just eating oranges too).

    Pepsi: I liked this a lot before. I tried a small one today, just to see how I’d feel about it...I don’t like it anymore.

    Children (Eliminate offensive foods/Establish healthy habits):

    Jenny and I finally talked seriously about what limits we may set for our children. After much discussion, we decided on the following:
    -We will not interfere with the day care’s snacks/juice offerings.
    -At their grandparents’ home, they can have the Wednesday’s dinners, along with us, which frequently include some pasta, rice, and, only on birthdays, cake (we may revisit that sometime).
    -Our girl likes crackers and Cheerios. We will allow small doses of this only after other primal alternatives are offered (this usually satisfies our child).
    -At home, we will tend to be more strict. At grandparents, we’ll make some allowances, but Jen’s parents are pretty supportive of what we’re doing anyway.
    -THIS is the tough one: No more grilled cheese sandwiches at restaurants (grilled cheese is her favorite, and it has become a habit when I go out to breakfast with my father and mother-in-law.) If anything, we can claim grilled cheese as a home treat, one of the few things my mother made me a lot of, that is not COMPLETELY bad. If WE do it, it can be our treat to her, and we can use real cheese and healthy oils.

    This was tough for me because there are a lot of treats I thought I would pass on. But, if it’s about treats, we can give the kids different treats. If it’s about showing love, then Primal Living will be a much better expression and legacy of our love.

    So we again purged out pantry (with the exception of a few crackers and cheerios), of all the crap that we kept for our girl.

    Exercise Action Item 2: Introduce Law 4: Lift Heavy Things:

    Full-Length Strength Workout Log: (from Marc’s DVD): February 2
    Location: Living room
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Knee Pushups (Level 2): 40/50
    Chair-Assisted, 2-leg Pullups (Level 1): 20/20
    Wall Squats (Level 1) 41/50
    Elevated Jack Knife Press (Level 1): 25/25
    Hand/Knee Planks: 70/90 sec; 25/45 sec; 25/45 sec
    Back slide arches: 10
    Spidermans: two sets (10, and 9)
    Bench dips: 20
    Bunny hops: 1 lap around the inside of our house
    Lunge walks: 1 lap around the inside of the house
    Comments: This is tougher than it looks, but it was fun and I feel really good! I may want to create a log to track progress.
    Last edited by Optimus Primal; 02-05-2011 at 02:18 AM.

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    rudi's organic bakery makes a pretty decent gluten-free bread. they are spendy at $6/loaf, but they are the only gluten-free bread i've tried which are decent. we buy a loaf or two per month as a treat for the kids. of course it's made from grains, so it's not the best, but maybe worth it as a substitute?

    here are the ingredients:
    Water, potato extract, rice starch, rice flour, sorghum flour, organic high oleic sunflower/safflower oil, organic evaporated cane juice, organic honey, egg whites, organic inulin, yeast, sea salt, organic molasses, xanthan gum.

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    Optimus, good work on the exercises. Keeping a log is absolutely one of the most important things you can do, for a squillion reasons, especially if you start lifting weights at any point. Even without weights, though, it's very useful to see what you've got to beat in order to have improved.

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    Thanks, Primal Fist. Jenny helped me set up an online tracking form that I can enter information on at a computer or from my iphone. I can now track aerobic and strength workouts, list specific exercises and levels of the five primal movements. Also, I will be able to sort how I view, so I can look at what I'm doing by date, or look at only pull-ups and see how I am improving on that exercise, etc.

    Saoirse: Thanks for the recommendation. We may check that out since we SOMETIMES want bread, and may fix our daughter grilled cheese at home.

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