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Thread: Jenny and Optimus Primal's Journal

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    Post ★ Jenny and Optimus Primal's Journal ★

    This new journal is a joint effort with my husband, Optimus Primal.

    We have been eating mostly primally since last July. Now that I've delivered our second daughter, we're ready to get more serious about this!

    We got the Primal Leap kit as a way to officially kick this off.

    We have very different starting points...


    • History:
      • 240 lbs. before pregnancy (5 foot 5 in.)
      • 200 lbs. last week, which was two weeks after having the baby.
      • My weight went down because of pregnancy appetite issues. Last pregnancy I gained the weight lost back -- but this time I think I kept the weight off in a healthy way thanks to good primal food. Primal eating also helped me pass the gestational diabetes test with flying colors, this time.

    • Health issues and risk factors:
      • I'm still recovering from c-section surgery right now, so I won't be doing exercise other than walking until the docs clear me at the end of January.... so consider this a phased approach for me.
      • Diagnosed with PCOS, so low-carb eating should help.
      • Also a family history of diabetes and heart disease.

    • Stats now:
      • 194 lbs.
      • 47% body fat

    • Goals:
      • Get down to a nicely muscled 160 lbs. and then reevaluate.
      • And of course get healthier, stronger, generally more badass!

    Optimus Primal

    • History:
      • Basically the same weight and build since high school. Was a cross-country runner.

    • Health issues and risk factors:
      • Family history of diabetes and heart disease. (I am a sugar nut and diabetic waiting to happen.)
      • Decreased muscle tone, resulting in back injuries.
      • Decreased endurance and vitality.
      • Many more illnesses over the past couple of years than I used to get.

    • Stats now:
      • 125 lbs. (5 foot 5 in.)
      • 15% body fat

    • Goals:
      • Get stronger and healthier.
      • Stop getting sick every month.
      • Feel good all day long.
      • Become a better cook.
      • Have more fun with kids and wife.
      • Be tougher and more bad-ass than any boyfriend my daughters may bring over fifteen to twenty years from now.
      • Live and be healthy for a very very long time.

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