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Thread: Jenny and Optimus Primal's Journal

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    I have always wanted a fitbit..... glad it's a good gadget.
    my Primal journal :
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    hey, guess what?? I'm back too!!!!! I should post a catch up but in shorthand ... I am roughly the same weight as last time I was here, I am roughly still Primal except when I am doing my suicidal bingeing thing - and i am still running sometimes (but not obsessively) and doing weights (nice and heavy sessions and some easier ones too) and such ... in other words, for all the "changes" I have tried over the past TWO YEARS (how time flies) I am still really who I was and where I was. Funny that.

    Looking forwards to being in touch again and catching up a bit with y'all.

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    Hi everybody. (Denise! Wow, very hello! I'm with you there, see below...) And thanks winencandy and momofredheads for the replies...

    mumble mumble keep gaining weight back, need to stay stricter I guess, using standing desk which surely helps, walking more but lost the stupidly unique charge cord for my fitbit, totally impossibly busy and sleep-depped, starting a new business because clearly that's (not) a smart move right now, yadda.

    I started gaining weight back when I had all that incision trouble last year and I just haven't managed to pull myself back on track. It's wrecking my digestion and everything. You'd THINK that would be motivation enough to do the right thing.

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