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    I'll throw my AYE into the pot too! You're an asset to any group - whether you're a full on participant or just an honorary guest!

    Good luck on the auditions........ I wouldn't drive that far for less than lead either.

    Sorry about your plumber/friend. My husband was a the funeral today of his friend/business associate who committed suicide on Monday morning. He also owned a marine sales/repair shop in our town. Not sure of the details, but it all had to do with financial troubles and the business taking a hard hit when the economy tanked. He saw his attorney early monday morning - went home and killed himself with a shot gun. His girlfriend found him.
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    my motivation

    As per Marcadav:
    Do 30-60 days clean primal.
    No grains, sugar, alcohol.
    Eat 3 meals and primal snacks.
    Don't track food.
    Don't tweak.
    Don't expect issues to go away quickly. Instead, just follow the plan and see how things play out.
    Decide on an exercise plan you can/will do consistently during the 30-60 days and then do it.

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    Oh Tomi. How terrible for your husband.

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    Sorry to hear about your plumber friend. Just found out that my mother in law's last ex husband died Wednesday. There probably won't be a funeral or even an obit. He didn't have life insurance and no one has the money to pay for it.

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    Weekly Report.
    I have been eating at the original Optimal diet macros for my goal weight since Monday. This is up from the 1400 cal experiment from 2 weeks ago.
    The difference is interesting. I have easily lost the weight I gained over Easter vaca and am back down to my lchf low. But I am down 1% fat and 2 inches more than before. I am still dairy and sweetener free.

    Macros. 1700cals 35gcarb, 70g protein, 140g fat. Approximately.

    My new supplement experiment is going well. The goal is to minimize binges even more.
    I am taking 3 doses of 1000mg l-glutamine for carb cravings.
    2 doses of 500mg l-tyrosine for energy
    2 doses of 500mg1000mg l-phenylalinine for endorphins
    1 dose 100mg 5htp

    3 doses 200mg chromium picolinate for blood sugar
    Plus a perimenopause herbal supplement.

    I won't know for a couple of weeks if it is really helping.
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    Stepping in to say hello

    "Hello!!! Good to see ya chica! <big hug>"

    Sounds like things are overall on the upswing. Good luck w/ the auditions. Its all about attitude
    Sorry about your friend. Funny how we just go on with our lives and forget how easily they can be done. I know it doesn't feel like it but you are slowly beating the binging. Just don't quit. Come stop by the JUDDD group anytime. We welcome you with open arms
    You know all those things you have always wanted to do? You should go do them.

    Nah.. I was always aware "they" were out to get me.. even before I became Primal..... Now I can just run faster if they find me-Dino Hunter

    Age 46
    height 5'3
    SW 215 lbs
    CW 180 lbs (whole foods/primal eating)
    LW 172 lbs
    GW 125ish lbs

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    I hit deep ketosis yesterday morning at 6 days clean. It came with what seems to be a requisite headache that took most of the morning to cure. Staying stable at my low weight, but my body continues to reshape due to renewed exercise efforts.

    Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to the John Stewart Show in NYC. The guest is former President Jimmy Carter. I am very excited. I can't post this on FB because I am calling in sick and could get into trouble if caught for "theft of services". So you guys get the exclusive.

    Grades are due this Friday, so I am going to try and stay off MDA except for short periods at breakfast, lunch and after dinner.

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    have fun in NYC! We saw Jimmy Carter in Plains, GA a few years ago and had him sign one of his books for us.

    Congrats on deep Ketosis!

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    Have fun in NYC! That sounds awesome. I will watch the episode when it's online and pretend I can hear you laughing & cheering .
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    Currently trying to figure out WTF to eat (for IBS-C).

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    Ooh, fun. Have a great time!

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    Enjoy your time in NYC.

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