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    Depends on where ya are.... I married a nurse.... who ,now, runs an ER (a level 1 trauma center) and she is always talking about her attrition. Some nurses can't deal with the stress in a place like an ER, others are more ambitious an chose to leave to improve their career, others do stupid crap and get canned.

    Does hublet have any certifications to his name? The ones that immediatey come to mind are CEN, CCRN, and there are others but I'm not sure how they would work in an ER setting. Those kinds of things look terrific on a resume. You can get study guides at most major bookstores to prep for the test.

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    Yes he has some certs and is working on others.

    The bad thing is that he is a really good nurse with a cool head under pressure but around here ER's want at least 1 year of floor experience.
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    How do you get experience without a job? crazy rules!

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    Pebbles, I am glad you talked it out. Thank you for always being supportive in my journal. Marriage and talking things through is sooo hard. I usually have major anxiety before and then do it wrong. It will all come together, I just know it.

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    I got shot down for more than one job for lack of exp and being too young, visually. If you really want to read that rant, it's in my old journal approximately 5,256,717 times.
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    I'm glad you and Bill talked it out. That's one thing that I commend couples on that can talk it out. I can't with Clint. I usually just let it fester and then cry it out. I know it isn't healthy, but that has been the only way I can function with him emotionally at times. He can't handle it if I get emotional(which is often if we discuss something that can get heated or otherwise make me emotional). I think this is why I do my damndest to just avoid things with him for the most part.

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    oh, so glad you talked it out. I suspect he is really a very good person who can be clueless at times. (at least that is my experience with my DH). Generally when he and I do talk it out we have such different perspectives on the same situation that it is hard to tell it is even the same situation!

    So next rant I will try to "listen" more and "talk" less, and just be here for ya.

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    Glad to hear you had a good discussion! I think communication is the hardest thing in marriage. I did not have a good example nor did DH. We bumble along in that regard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles67 View Post
    To answer everyone's age questions, it is not on his resume, but the applications for employment have a birth date space. The choice is to put in the true date or lie. He has applied for many jobs, but never gotten an interview.

    There is no nursing shortage in the Northeast right now. In fact NY is trying to make it harder to become an RN. You would need a Bachelor's degree instead of an AS.
    Why can't he just leave that spot blank? Again, it's not a condition of being hired or not, legally, so it shouldn't matter if he omits that information... Oops... missed that line.
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    I hope your DH gets a job soon; that will help everything. It is so tough with the job situation. Nursing is tough because it seems to me that many of entry level positions are taken by people who are already employed at the hospital in other positions such as administrative or one of the allied health jobs. That is the case here and at the last hospital I worked in. And I've been young and now I'm old, and let me tell, you nothing is easier when you are older.
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