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Thread: The Bedrock Journal - ( Pebbles67) page 415

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    Glad you enjoyed it. I love it. Richard Armitage (Thorin) makes one fine dwarf.
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    It is a draggy Monday. It doesn't help that my husband and I are fighting about money...again.

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    Draggy Mondays are never any fun. Neither is fighting about money. I hope it gets better P.

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    Stupid Mondays and money!!!! Good for you for fighting a food binge. Last night I had terrible PMS, it was a rough week for that, so I came home, did a couple of chores, and then MADE myself sit down an color.

    I notice that my tendency is to do all that I "have" or am "supposed" to do before I do anything enjoyable. I also notice that my hubs will do what he wants (watch football, play video games, dj) before he does one damn chore. So I am following his lead a little to help reduce stress. The coloring really did ease me, and I had a pretty chakra to frame for my wall in my lady's room when I was done. I am trying to find healthy ways to deal with stress, instead of using addictions that hurt me to do relieve stress. If only I could get addicted to yoga or something good for me!

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    Just cannot understand why it isn't easier to adopt an addiction that is good for you? Yoga or painting...I only think to paint when I am feeling good and only then do it when I am "done" with what I "need" to do.
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    well - I think there are the rare few in the world who are addicted to "healthy" habits like running or biking. We have a lady in our area who runs every single day! And she's terribly thin - looks anorexic. She ran while she was pregnant - then put the baby in a run-stroller and now I see her running with her little girl biking beside her. but I totally agree with what you're saying - I'd like to be addicted to something productive and income producing! I just haven't found it yet!
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    I wish I was addicted to making money...or was at least good at it. Just a middle-class worker bee here!
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    yeah for fending off a binge and the gym time you got in. The stress this weekend with dd had me cleaning the house like a crazy lady with spurts of crafting in between so I totally feel for your stressful times.

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    Here's hoping for a great Tuesday!

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    Pebbles, I hope you are feeling okay today. Money issues are the pits. And so is all the stress that comes with it.

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