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    New car, yeah!!!!! I am happy for you.

    Hate to hear about the work drama. Teachers are people too, and mistakes happen. I hate when someone dies from drugs and any other person gets any blame. I am all for personal responsibility. Then again, I have lost a ton of friends to drug overdoses, and I always blame them. They knew and willingly took the risks with their lives. Although I have never heard fo anyone dying from 'shrooms, everyone I know dies on the hard stuff.

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    Did you find helpful? Did you buy their software?

    I did some prelim research on my paternal side and came up with interesting leads I'd like to verify. (Maternal side mapped out by uncle.) Also would like to do Mrs. FW's fams. Maybe make up family trees and distribute to relatives.

    I probably will just subscribe, just wondered what you thought.

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    Absolutely worth the $, if you are going to use it. I usually subscribe for a while, then drop out when I am tired of doing my own families or need to save $.

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    Thanks for the offer, my uncle is a geneology buff and has had real success on He does the same thing as you, subscribes for a while, then goes to the free site ( and invites everyone to add their stuff. That is a really cool site! And it sends notifications of birthdays and anniversaries if you want it to. My uncle has that tree very nicely filled out going in all directions. I hope to take some time this summer and add my husband's family info. DH's dad did the research, before internet access made it a reasonable hobby!
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    My aunt is a geneology buff. She loves it. Not sure if she has an account or not. I'd like to do it someday, but with the other irons in my fire, it has to wait. I'd like to eventually do a scrapbook of our family, to extend beyond grandparents if possible. I've been saving things about family members for the future. I saved the little booklets they give you at funerals. Figured those would be nice in a scrapbook.
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    VERY cute car!!! Congrats!
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    TGIF...and I truly mean it. This was one very difficult week with the arrest of one of my colleagues, more "Race to the Top" BS paperwork, and the joy of car buying.

    You may be thinking "Oh c'mon, you got a new car". While that is true and I am thrilled with it, I had to humble myself and eat crow to get it. In the end, though the car is quality and worth the list price, I know that I did not get a "great" deal due to my poor credit.
    Starting in January, I am going to be reporting here on my debt reduction and credit score raising program. The goal, of course, is to be able to refinance my car by the summer. : )

    The "Eat Moar Fat" program is going incredibly well. Full report on the first week Sunday morning.
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    My sympathies on the hard parts of car buying. I don't want to relive it, even to vent, so I'll just say: I feel your pain. Let's put it behind us!

    I am doing a monthly money goals support meeting with two of my friends this coming year. With income again, and some extra, I'm looking to build up our savings in a serious way. It was too scary this time, getting so close to the bone. One friend wants to get on top of some medical bills, and the third is trying to get to retirement sooner than 70. We're all using some or all of Dave Ramsey's methods, and it will be good to check in with each other, to help us stay on track.

    So glad the 'Eat Moar Fat' is off to a good start.

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    I'm with you on the TGIF. I'm so happy to hear that Eat Moar Fat is working for you!!!
    -- Ruth

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    Congratulations on the new car. Gorgeous picture (and the car looks pretty good, too)!

    Sorry to hear about all the other issues, hopefully things will settle down soon.

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    1 Corinthians 9:27 "But I discipline my body and keep it under control, lest after preaching to others I myself should be disqualified." (This one is about hypocrisy. Love it. How can I convince people about this amazing WOL if I am not successful myself?)


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