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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebbles67 View Post
    Well, the afib gluten connection is only my conjecture. I am the main shopper, but until I have a viable replacement, I am not going to refuse to buy bread. I would be fighting with 4 people, not just my husband.
    That's where I am. I am the minority in the house so I purchase the stuff that is bad for me(and probably for them) and they consume it. If I forced them to go primal/paleo, it would be WWIII and I want everyone to get along. As long as I allow them to have what they want, and I eat what I eat, we do well together. Really, the only meal that I have any control over is dinner and they know this and deal well with it.

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    I think everybody goes through bad spells. I think my wife and I are in one right now, but neither wants to say anything. This one seems to be longer than other spells, though.

    I know part of it is my fault.... I used to make $80,000 a year, and was laid off 3.5 years ago. My wife wanted me to stay at home because she made even more money than I did, and she wanted me to basically raise our kids, which was fine for me. My wife was in a really stressful job, and it was nice to see my kids ( I used to work nights and barely saw my kids ). Then she took a new job for slightly less money, but with less stress, and closer to home. And she has a boss who really appreciates her. Life is good for her right now..... EXCEPT I think she hates me making so little money these days. The pressure is on her financially, for the most part.

    That said, I consider my job these days to be managing our money. Turns out that I have been rather lucky with the stock market... But whatever money I make by investing, is almost like it is invisible.... we never use it, and my wife has no idea how much money we actually have in stocks.

    I'm 50 years old with health issues, tho by and large I feel pretty darn good. But I spent 1/2 my life working in TV and Radio before getting laid off. And the older I get the less I can put up with BS from "kids"..... In TV I had my fill of clueless recent college grads who really had no clue about TV, who were given "titles", in lieu of money. They thought that meant something.... Well it might have if I didn't have 20+ years of experience compared to their 1 - 3 years of experience..... Point being that I don't tolerate nonsense well, nor do I tolerate idiotic people well. I have a pension for saying what I think.... That would have had me in lots of trouble had I not been in a union. So, I don't feel like I can work for idiots again; without union protection I would only end up getting fired.

    All of that said, I really want to open my own FT business. I own a PT DJ business, but I don't make enough money from that to really make a difference in our lives.... basically I use that money to pay for our vacation every year.

    The business I want to own would legitimately cost about $100K to start properly, and being 50 years old with 2 11 year old girls makes me very hesitant to risk that much money on a risky new business.

    I guess the point of all this rambling is that there is always some issue or issues that keep us from being the same as when we were newly married, with no kids, with tons of cash, and no health issues to worry about. Stress, no doubt, leads to lots of problems.

    I wish you good luck, and just would like to say that you should look before you leap.... the grass sometimes just appears greener than it is.
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    I guess I am lucky my family isn't into bread, never has been. Now pasta, homemade pizza and the occasional homemade loaf of bread yes! but no cereal or a loaf of bread. Truth is I tend to forget to buy that stuff, really, totally Freudian, no malice or manipulation, but when I forget often enough so do they.

    I agree that relationships go through hills and valleys and the situation tends to continue in the same direction, right now we are on the way up the hill, but it takes so much less to start down the hill and end up in the valley than it does to get started up the hill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by canio6 View Post
    I would find a more diplomatic way to phrase this. Speaking as a grown ass man, no one disallows me to do anything in my house whether that be eating bread or what have you. Now, I can be made to see reason if approached the right way but if my wife were to say, "I am not allowing bread into the house," I would ask her where she is moving. (and I don't even eat bread. It is the principle of it)

    (and to be fair, I would never tell my wife, "No more diet coke is allowed in this house" etc. Ultimatums do not good communication make.)
    I said this is what I would do, but not what she should do, if you know what I mean. I may not have put it diplomatically, but this is my solution, if you want to blame me for your problems then expect me to take some action to improve them. Pebbles is not me and her hubby is lucky to have someone so wonderful. Also, canio, I have never seen (actually read) where you blame your problems on others; you seem to take care of yourself, so I would not take such a childish tactic with you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mud Flinger View Post
    Also, canio, I have never seen (actually read) where you blame your problems on others; you seem to take care of yourself, so I would not take such a childish tactic with you.
    It's all good and if it would work for you great. You know your family. I just know I am a stubborn s.o.b. and would react badly

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    Dress rehearsal tonight?

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    Thank you all for your helpful responses. Even if they don't all work for my situation, I appreciate the support.

    Primal Papa Nice to see you and thanks for your input. I think my husband worries that I am angry with him because he doesn't make enough money. Not at all why I am angry/hurt. In addition I wanted to be clear that I am not jumping ship, though my husband seems to fear will. It is not because I am a woman of loose morals, but because he sees how my Primal life has made me attractive to other men. He also senses that I am unhappy much as you do with your wife.
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    Yes last night was dress rehearsal. It went well enough and the director gave us tonight off to rest. We open tomorrow night.

    I am posting some pics of my costumes. Not in love with them, but they are what they are. I think I look tired...which I am.

    My character is Bessie Tweedle, a denizen of the trailer park known for drinking, smoking and hanging in the back ground of the trailer park reacting to what she sees. My mode of dress is animal print and I own a clothing business with my sister Tessie. I am onstage for 4 scenes, but mostly I sing in the background on 13 of the 14 songs. in 3 cases I sing a duet or trio with the actors onstage. I am happy to be using my voice to its best advantage.

    Bessie and Tessie Tweedle in animal print PJs.

    My main costume. Notice the jaguar wedge heeled sandals.
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    I can't see the pictures at work but I am sure they are lovely. Have a great show!

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    These you tube promos were made by a cast member

    A video interview with the local newspaper

    Coach House Players present Lust N Rust The Trailer Park Musical - YouTube
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