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Thread: The Bedrock Journal - ( Pebbles67) page 243

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    holy crap! congrats! what an honor just to be asked.
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    Oh, wow. How awesome!!!! Now we'll need a recording of you singing (can that we done on the MDA forum?)
    -- Ruth

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    Congrats on the invitation to sing. So glad that you're not having to choose between the belly dancing and WW. And, Happy Birthday to your son! My 30 yo son - who I told you about who looked like an Aspie when he was young - just texted me that he is discovering that he is a natural leader (in his present circumstances - and that includes a sense of humor, calm under stress, and creative). He has found his niche and is showcasing his talents. So, it seems to me that while they may be a little behind developmentally, that they also eventually do bloom. Late bloomers are still bloomers nonetheless.
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    One of my best friends has 2 sons with asperger's. One is your son's age, the other in high school. The older one has had counciling that really helped him understand human interactions and how he may feel differently. He now is quite social with many friends and they are both brilliant. I suspect with your support and guidance that you will find much the same with your son (at least, this is my sincere hope for you).

    Congrats on all your recent successes too. You know that luck is when opportunity and preparedness meet...

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    I love that dress. I may need to hit up Kohls in a few weeks for some dresses. I want to drop some weight first before I even decide to start shopping.

    Happy Belated Birthday to your son!

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    Great dress and congrats on the singing! That is so exciting!

    I love reading everyone's journal and being able to dish about clothes and stuff - the guys just don't do that -
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    Singer, dancer, and actor? P the triple threat is here!

    Nice, nice, and nice.

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    How great for you - I have been browsing through your journal today - some very interesting stuff, much of which hits a chord for me. Something I found useful for PMS (back in the days) was Feverfew. I discovered this when I start taking it to help with my migraines - which disappeared when I gave up gluten, I'd been coeliac all the time and no dr ever checked!

    I loved to sing and was in the choir in high school and was accepted to the Conservatorium to study music - unfortunately my father (parents divorced) would not meet the fevs so it never happened. I just sing to myself these days. So I realise just how much this must mean to you. And the extra strngth from your exercise will help the voice too. Follow those dreams!
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    Thanks Analog6, so nice to see you here.
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    First read through on WW went well. The Gloops got the most laughs and the director said he loved it. Tomorrow we are practicing our song. So it will be me, Mike and Thomas alone with the director for 2 hrs. Mike is understudying the role of Phineous Trout the reporter. Phineous sings with the Gloops on the song "I eat more."

    I asked my music teacher to let me know when she is having her concert as soon as she sets the date. Heck maybe I can fit it in.

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