Starting a journal that I will update a couple of times a week... Hoping it keeps me going as I've never made a real dietary change that stuck. Guess I haven't found the right lifestyle for me. (Hoping I have now!) if nothing else, I'll be cutting out a lot of fake food garbage that my body doesn't need. Here goes...

Today was the day I cleaned out the fridge & freezer of all the crap, save a few grainy products for my SO. Luckily, they are things that I don't like! It was amazing the junk I found in there... Lean pockets? Ick. They were the SO's from a while back, but still... Ick. Tossed.

Now I am stocked up on fresh veggies, uncured bacon, organic beef, and some organic cheese. Very respectable, I must say!

So here's what I ate today for the record. Not even close to perfect, but ten times better than what I was eating a month ago!
B: Tea with milk, cashews
L: Almonds & some dried fruit (higher carb I know)
S: Vegetable beef soup
D: Roast beef with steamed carrots & green beans
Indulgence: Some jello & whipped cream. Gotta resist dessert... My weakness
1209 calories, 112g carbs. (according to LeanMe app)

I've been cutting grains out slowly for the past week, but have already noticed something. I'm not ravenously hungry anymore. Instead of a huge breakfast & lunch, I just snacked on a handful of nuts and random stuff. No low sugar crash or irritability. Hmm this is good so far.

If anyone reads this, thanks! If you have any comments/ suggestions/hints please let me know... Happy New Year!