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Thread: Pre-ordering The Primal Blueprint

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    I've been anxiously awaiting your book and would love to pre-order a copy, but US$12.95 is pretty steep for shipping to Toronto. Any idea when amazon will get a hold of it?


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    If the shipping is only free to the USA, why is this not stated? I really get irked when people assume everyone that uses the internet is in the USA.

    Advertised free shipping should not turn out to be $12.95...

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    I totally agree with you Tarlach. I hope Mark will reply to this.

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    I agree with Tarlach and Primal Serge. This is exactly the reason why I have not ordered the book yet. I would love to read it but will wait until it is stocked at amazon.


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    On the issue of shipping internationally... There are slim margins on a product like this and international shipping charges (even to Canada) are steep. I do mention as a footnote in the order form that the free shipping option is only for domestic media mail options.

    In most cases $12.95 will just cover the cost of S&H to me and in many cases the cost of S&H is much more than $12.95. I hope everyone understands. I've tried to create a price point that makes sense to everyone.

    I'll also add that the book price is on par with any hard back out there and is in many if not most cases at a lower cost than many health and fitness ebooks - books that haven't even been printed.

    Thanks for the feedback and please do check Amazon as soon as the book officially drops.


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    It's comforting to know that it will hit Amazon in a not too distand future. I have to say that I'm still worried about the price, but I think in the end I'm gonna get it nevertheless.

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    I thought $26.99 was pretty reasonable. I was expecting it to be more.

    I'm originally from England and so I guess I expect to overpay for things (17.5% VAT is a killer in England). I was glad it wasn't the case with this book.

    Not sure what it's like in other parts of Europe but in England, almost everyone I know has a credit card of some form.

    Sucks that those outside of the US have to pay shipping and handling but having to send stuff across the sea regularily, I know how much it costs and I can't imagine any profit would be made on the book if free shipping was offered outside of the US. Just my $0.02.

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    I dear say the information in the book will be priceless, it's costing me $65NZD for the book but at the end of the day I know it's an investment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristineCrain View Post
    I'm curious about that as well as I live in Canada and while it isn't the normally the same rate to ship to Canada, there is normally international shipping... Actually... I'll just get it shipped to our US post office box! Thanks
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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristineCrain View Post
    My husband and I are moving in three weeks... Should I list our new address for shipping and billing?
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