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Thread: I have a can of sardines..........

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    I have a can of sardines..........

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    ........and I'm terrified to try them! lol Seriously, I need a heads up on what to expect when I bite into one of these little suckers. How are you suppposed to eat them? What do you eat them with if anything? Mine are packed in water if it matters. Thanks!

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    I like them with a little worchestershire sauce. Some folks like 'em with hot sauce. Just try them and see! They are rather fishy tastying though, just to warn you!

    I prefer them in olive oil to water but either way they are good.

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    Thanks! I got the water packed ones because my pathetic grocery store only had others packed in soybean oil with other "stuff" in there. So water it was!

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    Jacques Pepin often puts them on slices of hardboiled egg & tomato.

    Alton Brown grinds them up with avocado to make a kind of "tuna fish salad" but I personally didn't care for it.

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    I'm more a fan of herring, they are less fishy, but sardines are good too. Spear em with a fork, bones and all, and crunch away! Tomato and egg sounds good though, I may just have to try that.

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    I eat them on crackers or in salads. There is a big difference in taste/quality between the brands. I like the Bela brand sardines from Portugal best. Try the hot pepper olive oil ones. Next best are the two layer Brislings. Crown Prince or King Oscar brands are good. I've had mixed luck with the cheaper brands.


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    I eat them straight from the can. Top with hot sauce or mustard, if you wish.

    Some brands offer firmer fish than others -- I prefer those over the mushier ones, personally. As for "fishiness," I don't find sardines particularly strong.
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    Just eat for god sake and get to important things.

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    Same here! I was told as a child that they were packed whole with innards and all, and could never face them. I have tried to find out if this true with no success. If anyone can swear as to how they are packed, it would open up a new food source for me, too. I know it probably ought not to matter, but we all have some food challenge.
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    hmmm...might try the mustard or hot sauce topping. Yeah, this is definitely a "food challenge" for me. I don't eat shrimp with the vein in. The notion of eating a poopy-shoot is more than my stomach can bear. lol So eating a "whole" animal, especially one with a face, is hanging me up a bit. But I'm going to face it - no pun intended.

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