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Thread: Blog post topic - PB/SAD and miscarriage/infertility

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    I'd be interested in a blog post about this. I just started really trying to go primal a couple months ago, after over a year of Crossfit and more Zone-style diet. I've had 2 miscarriages since February, and am wondering/hoping if going primal will help me. Meanwhile, I see my carb-loving, junk-food, couch-potato friends have healthy pregnancies and babies and it's baffling.

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    I think that there are other women in this forum who are curious about the affect of the PB on women's health generally, and would also like to see more posts about this!

    Colinda... it depends on the reason(s) for your miscarriages. It sounds like you are already pretty healthy and active, so I assume you are not diabetic. Do you have thyroid issues? PCOS? Are you insulin resistant? Primal eating can help balance your hormones, provided you are eating enough fat.

    I assume that you are avoiding alcohol, drugs, caffeine, etc. Are you over 35? Is egg quality an issue?

    Uterine abnormalities that are "structural" can also cause miscarriages, and would not be affected by your diet.

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    I have had 4 miscarriages. All during eating SAD. But I also have thyroiditis, and gluten intolerance, both of which cause higher miscarriage rates. So I am hoping that being primal will help with that.

    On the other hand, many female athletes with low BF and extreme amounts of exericse also have difficulty because they do not have normal fertility cycles. So somewhere, there must be a happy medium.

    And I agree. It's extremely frustrating to see people who eat horribly, and have baby after baby. I empathize.

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