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    I know Mark did a post a while back regarding the necessity of sleep and even had an outline for waking up without the annoyance of an alarm clock.

    I'm trying to suss out something with regards to napping. I can't do it. There is a joke at my house when DH takes a nap, because our cats can sense a nap or a lap at 100 yards and they will cuddle up immediately, and he takes a "cat nap" while I beg for a lion or tiger because that's how big my naps are.

    I read about power naps, there is literature that says just take a 30 min nap. If I fall asleep, it is going to be for hours. If I am awoken before I wake up naturally I'm a raging grump and pretty lethargic. And if I nap the whole time I'm frustrated because it has taken up hours of productivity or access to certain things like business hours.

    Like the post that Mark made with regards to learning how to wake up naturally, is there a technique to learn how to nap?

    Does anyone else experience this?

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    I'm just like you, @annadragon - if I try to take a nap I'll be out for hours. If I can even fall asleep, that is. I usually can't. And if I do, then I'll stay up too late, sleep late, need a nap, etc.

    I've concluded that napping is just not for me. Luckily, it's pretty easy for me to get 8 - 10 hours every night, so napping is not necessary.

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    Anna, I have a similiar issue! Instead of actually napping, I'll just "rest." It doesn't necessarily have to be laying down, just close your eyes and shut yourself down for those twenty or thirty minutes to clear your head. This may help...

    I thought Mark had some good tips on maintaining energy throughout the day. Get up, move around. Usually if I'm sleepy and I do some sort of exercise, it'll wake me up. Drinking cold water also helps. You can feel pretty fatigued if you're dehydrated.

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    I find if I lay down without covers in a sunny room, then I don't sleep for more than 30 - 60 minutes.

    Remember back to a time when you were sitting in class or at a meeting and your eyelids were heavy, you weren't really focused, and you were in danger of nodding off. That's actually the first phase of sleep. Laying there in a quiet, relaxed state and letting your mind wander may have some of the benefits of a light nap.

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