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Thread: Acne + Trigger Foods

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    Acne + Trigger Foods

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    Hi Primal Blueprint Community,
    I decided to join the conversation. Thanks for having me
    I've been full-on Primal for about 14 months. Occasional indulgences around the holidays but for the most part I'm no-grain, no-dairy (except butter), no sweets except fruit and maybe a chocolate now and then.

    Still I have flare-ups of my acne. Nowhere near what it used to before I started the Paleo diet, but I feel like I still have triggers that I can't place. Anyone out there have a similar story? I'd love to hear what you tried eliminating. The only thing I do eat alot of is fruit. Should I cut back?

    I've started a Paleo blog, Primrose & Paleo, to help me with my journey. The online Paleo community has helped me so much that I wanted to join the conversation. Food triggers vary per person, I know, but I'd love a jumping off point.

    Thanks, guys!

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    How is your Vitamin D Level? My skin has never been better since I started supplementing D.

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    For me it was almonds. Took me about six months to figure out why I was suddenly getting cysts when I'd never had them before. For me, almonds are NOT the primal miracle they appear to be.

    Also I seem to be reactive to ginger, and possibly cardamom (they are related).

    Switching to non-fluoride toothpaste helped a lot, too.

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    Primrose I feel your pain. All my paleo friends go on about how their hair/nails have grown and their skin has gotten better. I am pretty strict with my eating and have been for almost a year. I have not seen any improvement in anything. I have had my blood test done and an not insufficient in any vits/minerals, supplement Vit D3, and the only dairy I have been doing in the past is butter which I have now quit using to see if that makes a difference. I switched to Dr. Bonners soap and use coconut oil on my face and nothing seems to help. I am curious to see if there are others with the same problem.

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    Coconut oil on my skin makes me break out. I tried oil cleansing with coconut oil plus 1/4 castor oil, did not work for me. Very clogged pores. For me I think topicals are more problematic than diet.

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