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Thread: Best energy estimation calculator.

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    Best energy estimation calculator.

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    Alright, so I do not buy into the second law of thermodynamics hypothesis of weight gain as it pertains to the wrong level of scale within the multi-scalar system that we call an organism (think molecular vs. the body itself). Anyway, just out of curiosity, however, what is the best online calculator to estimate one's energy needs. I've googled a few and had some unreliable results. A young stud like me, who is moderately active at 23, has had numbers anywhere between 2500 and 2900. As delicious as it sounds, I like internal consistency so I'm curious to see which calculator (or formula) will give me the most accurate calculations.
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    Have you tried:

    It does BMI and BMR.

    Once you have your BMR you use the Harris Benedict Formula for your daily calorie needs. For example my BMR is 1556.35 calories. If I was very active very active (hard exercise/sports 6-7 days a week) I would multiply that by 1.725 to get 2685. Extreme active I would multiply by 1.9. But since my current sport is channel surfing I use 1.2.

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