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Thread: What was worth it? What wasn't?

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    What was worth it? What wasn't?

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    I've had 2 days of choosing to eat more off-program than I have in months.

    Worth it:
    Roast potatoes and mashed potatoes, in quantity

    Not worth it:
    Pretty much any sugar/grain thing, whether chocolate cake yesterday or Christmas pudding today. Too sweet, too bland, and has left me with a gnawing stomach ache and bloated feeling (and I hadn't thought I was sensitive to grains!)

    The lamb braised in red wine and the pork ribs in tomato sauce last night were the highlights...and wonderfully primal!

    Very happy to revert to full primal tomorrow.

    Zone diet on and off for several years....worked, but too much focus on exact meal composition
    Primal since July 2010...skinniest I've ever been and the least stressed about food

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    My worth it list was similar to yours: champagne and part of a latke.

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    Worth it:
    One small serving of Step Mum's stuffing, mashed turnip/potatoes and gravy
    One homemade shortbread cookie
    Three strong rum & Cokes

    I didn't have room for the small slice of black forest cake I was handed, and for the first time I didn't try cramming in it anyway. I am pleased.

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    Worth it???

    One single piece of dark chocolate/cashew See's Candy.
    From a 5-pound box someone brought to our station. I had the one piece; didn't go back to that room for a couple of hours...then all the good pieces were gone. YAY for me

    Also worth it? Probably a pound of cheese yesterday, and wine. It was one day, and it was fun. No ill effects today, other than a disinclination towards cheese (this will probably last awhile).

    Probably NOT worth it, was the serving of mac and cheese I had Wednesday evening. It was yummy, but I probably would have been WAY better off without it ;-)

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    Worth it: Lots of chocolate that was WAY less than 80%. Red wine.

    Not worth it: The rum ball and the fudge pc that turned out to have wheat in them. Fie!

    The thing that really helped was to make a point of getting some meat on board before and after anticipated temptation exposures. Planning for this week -- lots of soup with lots of veggies.

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    Worth it: Lime beer, mom's apple raisin crumble, baked sweet potatoes

    Not worth it: general overeating, cheese potatoes, pizza, couple cans of iced tea

    My tummy is very upset right now, but I know at least stuffing it all in 1-2 days it will mostly end up as waste. Let the water drinking and fasting begin lol!
    Stats: 5'6" female, 21 years young
    Starting Weight: 187 lbs (March 2010)
    Current Weight: 143 lbs (Oct 2011)
    Goal BF: 20%

    Super D Omega 3 daily & BCAAs preworkout

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    Worth it: Lots of wine, lamb, veges including new potatoes (I don't exclude them anyway)
    Not worth it: Lemon Posset dessert and small piece of Xmas cake, far far too sweet for my palate - yuk! but would like to try and make the lemon posset again but with either no sugar or tiny bit of honey, not sure if it will work though. Ingredients: cream, sugar, lemon juice (an Elizabethan dessert).

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    Worth It

    Trail Magic Pavlova

    as some may recall, i'd been experimenting with low-sugar pavlovas. i'd gotten it down to a near science, and was totally psyched to make a nearly primal pavlova.

    i scientifically make my pavlova -- in the youth hostel no less -- and i tape a sign on the oven door: "Caution: pavlova baking. very delicate, do not open." i return to my pavlova some time later (like, 15 minutes) and the damn thing is GONE.

    while i was grilling up our venison burgers for dinner, DH and DS were playing with a volleyball that was in the hostel's yard. DH, in his infinite capacity, kicked the ball into a neighboring yard's tree. we devised a covert operation to retrieve this ball, while DAunt watched the grill.

    Obviously, 2 yr olds do not entirely "get" covert ops. Having quietly moved into the yard, he quickly spotted the christmas tree shining through the large window. OOOH WOW! exclaims the 2 yr old who then rushes head long through the massive geraniums and SMACK into the glass. he then lands on his back side rather stunned, squishing a fair few of the lovely flowers.

    kindly kiwi opens the back door with a broom in hand. uncertain, we grab the two year old and back off, yammering away in our thick american accents that we accidentally kicked a ball into their tree. She then says to us "I know, it's why i have the broom." Relaxing a bit, my kid apologizes about crashing the flowers. he then attempts to put them back up as he found them, while singing his "tidy away song."

    she then asks us a few questions--where are we from, how long we are staying, etc. usually the sorts of questions that -- as our astute chinese neighbor at the hostel noted "multicultural is nice way-of-saying; foreigners is bad way-of-saying" -- would lead to a discernment as to whether or not we were going to be on the move, or sticking around to ruin the economy or some such. LOL

    anyway, we mentioned DAunt and the burgers, and DH happened to mention that our pavlova got stolen, but we probably have too much venison, so we'd be ok.

    then kiwi lady says "you made a pavlova?" and i explain my extreme experimentations, and she was duly impressed that i'd managed the national dessert, and offered her spare one. She then presented us with her pavlova. really beautifully done, with strawberries and boysenberries, and real whipped cream.

    but it had A LOT more sugar than i use, and it was *sweet*. so, we invited her and her partner to join us for salad, venison burgers (bunless of course), kumara, and pavlova provided by our new friends. not a bad way to spend a 20%.

    Christmas Traditions

    we don't really celebrate christmas or have many christmas traditions. we have, in fact, three: 1. small christmas gift exchange at brunch on christmas morning (by small, i mean one gift each, usually small in size, home made, or some such); 2. christmas brunch (always primal anyway); 3. marzipan stollen.

    the thing about the stollen is rather funny. my DH was raised in a weirdly restrictive family, they are just a bit whacko really, and he always related well to his grandfather.

    his big thing --which he picked up while he lived in germany with the military-- was the tradition of the stollen. every year, he would bring one to the family meal at DH's family's home. the stollens were never eaten, but instead taken to the church at the next social. Dh did not like this.

    one year, we just stole the stollen. turns out to be the last stollen that his grandfather brought, seeing as he died the following august. that christmas, Dh was feeling rather nostalgic for his grandfather. it was a really quiet meal, to be honest, because that old timer was full of life. he loved really off color stories.

    anyway, we were driving home and DH was feeling really sad about his loss and the next day, i happened to go into a bakery and their marzipan stollens were on sale. i picked one up for us, and took it home. That evening, we told bawdy stories and ate the cake with hot tea and coffee.

    This year, as we have every year since grandfather died, we bought a traditional stollen and told our bawdy story. Totally worth it.

    Not Worth It

    in alignment with the idea that 20% refers to more than food, but to the other precepts about movement, stress, and sleep, this not-worth it stuff is really sited in this aspect of the 20%.

    Family Stress

    No matter how far away you live from family, they seem to find a way to insert their usual holiday drama into your awesomeness. seriously, i am so upset with myself for getting upset about all of this, but here it is.

    before we went on our holiday, my family and my ILs were bemoaning their sad and lonely existence at christmas and how bad we are for moving away. ok, not all in those terms (from my parents), but still. they *begged* us to find a way to skype with them on christmas day.

    not knowing what our exact plans would be, and how long things would take, we didn't make any promises, but agreed to give them a "heads up" a day or two before christmas. We managed two reminders -- one on the 23rd (in the US), and one on the 24th (in the US), so that we could skype on the 25th (in the US) around lunch time.

    this was no small undertaking and took a great deal of planning so that we could do our travels, check out of the hostel on time, meet the time zone requirements to make it a worthwhile call, and so on.

    so, on the 23rd (in the US), we devise our plans, and call and email both sets of parents to let them know.

    personally, i wasn't keen on it because i knew it would take a lot of extra work. but, because of the intensity of their pleas, i decided to go ahead and do it.

    the morning of the 26th dawns--that's still today here, btw, though the 25th in the US--and we do everything quickly, we get packed as quickly as possible, we run through getting dressed (i didn't even take a full shower or fully bathe the baby to save some time), and we do a quicker, less primal (no bacon!) breakfast. we get online on skype and. . .

    no one is connected.

    we keep it connected for an hour: $4. of course, neither family comes online. two phone calls, two emails, and then a phone call to each while we were online.

    *i was/am beyond livid about this.*

    1. i'm beyond livid about the guilt tripping regarding christmas and skype that happened all the way until we agreed to do such a thing which was within 2 days notice of christmas! all they had to do was, you know, link up. my sister is ALWAYS on skype--except during that hour. my ILs had to, you know, stay home and skype. and considering they had church in the am (done at 10) and grandma in the pm (leaving at 2) and our skype was supposed to happen at 12:00, that should have been EASY to do.

    2. i'm beyond livid that i spent so much time and energy trying to figure out how to make something happen for them, something that was apparently SO important to them that it created all of this drama and guilt tripping, and that it was all for nothing because they didn't bother to show up.

    3. i'm beyond livid that i had not only expected them to be online and skype with us, but that i had actually gotten myself kind of excited about it.

    and of course, because it is really hard for me to express my anger (you know, vestiges of not allowed to show aggression growing up), i internalize it into this stomach thing which is absolutely crappy and can ruin one's whole day (or go completely haywire and ruin as much as a week if i don't work through it). so that leads to

    4. I can't believe of freaking worked up i am about it that i managed to really negatively impact my own super-awesome vacation and holiday.

    So, yeah. All of that work, lack of sleep, stress etc. for their stupidity: totally not worth it.

    btw, the walter peak farm experience was really helpful. while DH and DA and DS went to watch the sheep, deer, goats, and the border collie work, i had tea and sat in the lawn of the main house -- a beautiful victorian mansion surrounded by beautiful victorian gardens -- and managed to basically calm myself down.

    and now, to bed, so we can take a lovely drive to mt cook tomorrow.

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    I eat the potatoes anyway, so no change there, except I forgot to serve some to myself last night. I've eaten some sweet chocolate and I guess that's been worth it, kind of fun, but OTOH, it's not that big a deal anyway.

    On the whole, I've enjoyed the ribs I ate over the holidays more than anything. And being with my wife.

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    I ate everything in sight for 2 days. Totally worth it.

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