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Thread: Calories and food choices - help!

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    Calories and food choices - help!

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    Ok, so I'm not one to count calories as I find it just leads to an obsession and then constantly thinking about what I can and can't eat, however the 2 positives that have come from the 3 months of my primal eating are no more headaches and sleeping much better. The negative is a 2kg weight gain, no lost inches in measurements and my pants are tighter, yet I don't feel that I am overeating, and I am able to control my eating more than before. I am willing to hang in there with the primal eating but I do feel that prior to being primal I was more in control of my calories and I never gained weight in scale and have been the same pant size for years.

    So my BMR is 1319 and I exercise daily. My question is what are some meals I can eat that don't exceed these number of calories. I know some of you on here track your calories and may be able to give me some examples off the top of your heads.

    My typical meals were:
    Green smoothie (spinach, banana, whey protein and milk) or 2 eggs scrambled with butter and veggies
    BAS with olives, avacado, fetta and meat or chicken or tuna
    Protein (fish, meat or chicken) with veggies either roasted or cooked another way.

    I can't see how this sort of eating can make me gain weight but I just wanted to maintain my weight more than anything, now pants are slightly tigher, I have more bellyfat. Not sure what to do!

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    You want to maintain your weight but you have gained. We need to know your height, weight and age because you might be underweight and have a skewed perception. We also need to know what kind of exercise you do because you might be eating too little and hoarding fat while sacrificing muscle. Your meals look fine on the surface, but do you snack?
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