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    Ultimate proof that great minds think alike

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    Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah, Seasons Greetings! And so forth.

    For a couple months now I have been evangelizing my family on the benefits of eating Primal. Mon pere (my dad) loves to cook and has even whipped up primal meals a handful of times. About two weeks ago he started becoming more conscious about what he put into his body.
    Fast-forward to three days before Christmas and I still had not one a gift to give Pops. Then it hit me! Why not a present that appeals to both his love of cooking and desire to shape up? It was clear that the Primal Cookbook was a winner this season!
    Now on Christmas Day I write this entry with a smile on my face. Our family holds in its possession not one, not two, but three Primal lifestyle books - two cookbooks and a blueprint! Thanks for the gift Dad! Great minds do think alike!

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