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Thread: Blood type and diet

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    Dear Mark,

    I recently met up with a friend that I hadnít seen in over 6 months. I told her that I have basically been following a Pelo diet for the past 5 weeks. She responded that I must have type O blood. She is one of those chronically rotund vegetarians that suffers from low energy at times. Her acupuncturist suggested that she eat according to her blood type. She was a nervous wreak praying that she wasnít an O. What is your take on blood types and diet?



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    My take is it's a bunch of hooey. My father-in-law is a B type, and he religiously follows the diet for the type. It seems bizarre and unhealthy to me.

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    My opinion on blood type diets?

    Totally bogus.

    I have no idea how anyone even came up with that to begin with...

    But I think it had to do with measuring the amount of "agglutination" (basically clumping of red blood cells together) when they took blood samples and put different foods directly into the blood.

    That's not how it works in your actual body though.

    You don't eat food and then have those foods end up intact in your bloodstream.

    There are *some* exceptions, but those types of substances generally react almost identically in your bloodstream regardless of your blood type.

    And the testing done on different foods and blood types show that even when you drop foods directly into a blood sample, they generally react the same way regardless of blood type. (With very small variation.)

    You can see the differences in this chart listed below:

    Hope that helps,


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    Sean, Thanks for the link.


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