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    has anyone lost *too much* weight going primal? i am a in my 20s, 5'4''. When I started going primal around May/June I weighed 134. I'm now down to 105 and people say I look too thin (I do). When I hit 112 pounds I began trying to increase fatty fish, nut, etc. consumption to keep from losing (or even gain a few) but I am now down to 105. This is definitely not a homeostasis for me. Anyone else going through this?

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    Do you know how much you've actually been eating? A lot of people find that they become full very quickly eating this way, and actually eat a lot less than they used to without being hungry. It's good for people who do have a decent amount of weight to lose, but for people like you, it's a different kind of problem! Are you eating fatter cuts of red meat? Cooking things in butter and bacon grease? Adding a good amount of fat to salads in the form of olive oil/avocado/nuts/etc? If you're not currently getting 60-70% of your calories from fat, you should try incorporating more fat into every meal to increase your intake without neccessarily adding a lot of bulk to your meals if you're feeling full too quickly.

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    and what you eat eats too - Michael Pollan

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    Add some carbs?

    Adding sweet potato would not be a bad way to go.

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    That's a lot of weight for someone who was small at the start. Looks like you'd have to more than starve to lose that much weight so quickly. So....

    Have you traveled to any "exotic" places or eaten at any dubious establishments? Consumed raw/undercooked seafood?

    If it's not a matter of inadequate food intake, perhaps you have an intestinal parasite.

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    Why don't you start recording your diet on a website like for about a week, and see what your ratios/calorie intake looks like?

    Are you physically active, do you have a lot of muscle?

    I am also 5'4, at 110lbs. I consume about 2,000 calories a day, 130g of fat, 130g carbs, and 120g protein (about 50/25/20 ratio) which seems to work for me...

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    105 at 5'4" doesn't sound absurd to me, depending on how you're built. Can you provide us with some type of measure of body fat, like waist+hip diameter? Do you have visible abs? If you're not having any symptoms from being overly low body fat, and it calculates out to a reasonable number, I would say don't worry about it. If you want to add more weight, try to add lean mass via strength training.

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    I've dropped more than I wanted too also, but have been tracking so not sure what is going on, other than being more ectomorphic and burning cals sitting still ( I know drives my wife nuts too and me since I would like to gain)....I'm taking in between 3500 and 4000 cals and am not gaining, I'm way too thin at my height...maybe we are in the category who can tolerate some higher carbs above 150gs???

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    I have lost my weight to 28lbs and i think i have done it ....
    I am using aphen 375 for me and joined a gym to get better results...

    bootcamp orange county
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    One sure method of reducing weight is by practicing what is known as “Fletcherism.” It was discovered in 1898 by Horace Fletcher of the U.S.A. Fletcher, at 40, considered himself an old man. He was 50 pounds overweight, contracted flu every six months and constantly complained of indigestion and a tired feeling. After a deep study

    read more: The Fletcher Method of Weight Control

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    up your healthy carbs and lower your fat ..
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    Follow My Journey :-)

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