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    Quote Originally Posted by ElaineC View Post
    What if the weight gain is muscle, not fat? As a long time slave to the scale, I force myself to go by how I feel, and how my clothing fits.
    3.5 pounds can be anything. that's water retention caused by the carbs in a handful of almonds. it's also possible that it's two weeks of good strength training. i'd be a little bummed too if i gained weight, but chances are good that it's not fat. kill your scale (or keep it around to weigh other things, like cats, a hiking pack, or the massive bowl of chili you're about to eat...yes, i've done all of those)

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    I bought a bag of nuts in their shells. They take me forever to crack and eat!

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    Quote Originally Posted by gordo View Post
    3.5 pounds is one good dump.

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    There is a good possibility that you are changing your body composition and adding lean mass while simultaneously LOSING fat. Considering a liter of water weighs 2.2 Lbs, don't worry too much about 3.5. You're doing great!

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    Did you weigh yourself on the same day of the week and at the same time? I not only do that, but I mark my weight on a calendar. As others have posted here, water fluctuations can change my weight up to 5 lbs within ONE DAY. That's not gain; it's just how our bodies function. I record my weekly weight because I look at the 'trend' in my numbers, not the specific number on any given day--which can be deceiving.

    That's because the scale number is at best an 'approximation' of your weight at any given moment. For example, as we lose fat, the body will often fill those empty cells with water, hoping for a return of the fat (the body sees weight loss as a negative). Eventually, it will drop that water, but in the meantime, people often think that they're either 'stalled' or they've 'gained' (water weighs more than fat).

    I'm not saying you didn't gain 3 lbs. I'm only saying that before you adjust your eating, consider whether or not this is something to be concerned about. (If you want to lose, I'd suggest dropping the nuts--unless you can practice strict portion control.)

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    One of the important adjustments I had to make was making sure there was good food in the house and planning time around preparing it. Trader Joe's for frozen, wild caught fish and canned fish are always in the house now. Eggs and cream as well. If you let everything run out you will get hungry and start grazing on the nuts and other things that are calorie dense and not particularly filling. God knows I could eat nuts until they ran out my ears and still want more.

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    I've gained 2 kgs and not happy about it. Prior to primal my weight didn't fluctuate I stayed at 53.5kgs no matter how hard I was lifting and training. Now I am just finding my weight going up and up. I must admit I have had pizza this week, but jeez, prior to primal I had pizza once a week and some treats here and there and still maintained. I'm in a vicious circle and I hate it, 2 kilos on my frame makes me uncomfortable. Oh and this week I have had some alcohol, but again prior to primal didn't make such a difference.

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    What time of day have you been weighing yourself? Try weighing yourself first thing in the morning only, as you gain several pounds throughout the day.

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    You are in my prayers. Weighing frequently, led me to Christ....LOL
    Just kidding! Could you share the other things you eat, beside that which you think is making you gain (extra cals from the nut butters, fruit etc). Also what do you do for activity and are you female..I have experienced near 10 pounds of water weight fluctuation depending on my cycle and the foods I chose to eat during it

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    How are your pants fitting? That's a way better indicator than the scale.

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