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Thread: Converting my mother and father

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    Shut the hell up about it and lead by example.

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    My parents are both onboard with the whole low carb lifestyle. But getting them to take the extra step and go primal/paleo is another thing. My dad still drinks way too much diet cokes. And once a week they have a cheat day when they go to the movies and binge on popcorn. Overall I am happy for them. I tried to micromanage them to get them on board with changing the oils they cook with but they aren't listening. I also try to get them to move a lot more and get active but they don't particularly like exercise. But they do love to sleep! I guess sometimes they get stuck in their ways and for all these years telling me what to do its hard for it to go the other way with me telling them what to do. Luckily they have a reasonable level of buy in.

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    Buy the book and leave it in the bathroom. They'll read it.

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